Ken Feinberg

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Ken Feinberg calls upon a productive three-dimensional career that embodies directing, writing and performing, and he has a long list of credits that demonstrates the fortitude of his craft. His broad knowledge of the industry and his devotion to the arts whether on film, television or graphic novels is expressed in his many accomplishments.

For over 28 years Feinberg has been directing, writing, producing and acting in award-winning films, hit television series and major theater projects in Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta, He has won numerous awards in more than 100 productions, and he has achieved a great deal in the years he’s been in Hollywood after nurturing his career in New York and Atlanta.

Feinberg has been creating a new 10 book graphic novel series called, The Conquest of Canaan, about the Biblical story of Joshua, arguably the world's first super hero.

Additionally, Feinberg was honored with the Outstanding Achievement Award for his contribution to the film community in Georgia at the Georgia Film Gala. Feinberg founded Creative Studios of Atlanta in 2005 and has been teaching screenwriting, acting and directing there in addition to producing original films. As the Founder and CEO of Creative Studios of Atlanta, Feinberg is an award-winning director, Feinberg has directed and produced over 100 films, 4 of which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in France. His most recent film Santa’s Boot Camp released Christmas 2016 through Sony Pictures and the film continues to accrue accolades on the festival circuit recently winning the Best Family Film at the San Diego International Kids Film Festival and the Director's Gold Award at the International Family Film Festival in Los Angles. The film also received a prestigious Dove Award.

As a member of the prominent Hollywood Repertory Company, Feinberg cowrote and produced Real Life Photographs, a drama about a family dealing with mental illness. The production was nominated for a Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award. Also, Feinberg adapted Peter and Wendy in Neverland for a deaf theater company, which was published by Yale University Press.

As an actor, Feinberg is known to television viewers around the world for his role as the Chaos Demon in the richly acclaimed Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He also played impressive characters on other hit series including Alias, Charmed and Star Trek's Enterprise.