David Weber

David Weber was born in Cleveland a long, long time ago, and grew up in rural South Carolina. He was a bookworm from childhood, blessed with a father who collected autographed copies of every E. E. Smith hardcover and introduced him to Jack Williamson at the tender age of 10 and a mother who ran her own ad agency and encouraged him to write. From that start, with a love of history from a very early age and as a practitioner of RPGs before the world had ever heard of something called Dungeons & Dragons, it was inevitable he would fall into evil company and become a writer of science fiction himself. He sold his first novel to Jim Baen, his enabler at Baen Books, in 1989. Since that time, he has perpetrated over 60 solo and collaborative novels and an unconscionable number of anthologies upon an innocent and unsuspecting public. He is perhaps best known for his character Honor Harrington, whom he hopes never to meet in a dark alley, given all the bones she has to pick with him. Dragon Con attendees should be warned never to press his “talk button,” because they will never get him to shut up again.