Gareth David Lloyd

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Gareth was born in Newport South Wales. He first became interested in the arts at the age of six when he discovered Hammer Horror movies. He joined his first youth theatre at the age of 10 where he played a vampire in a play devised by the young cast. After playing a number of classic leads including Henry V and Macbeth in his teens, he won his first agent playing 'Macheath' in The Threepenny Opera at the age of 21. Gareth's first television appearance was with Stephen Fry in the television comedy Absolute Power as a Welsh soccer player. It was three years later that he was cast as the dark and mysterious 'Ianto Jones' in BBC Wales'  Doctor Who spin off  Torchwood which earned him two more seasons and a Cardiff Bay shrine. Gareth's post Ianto projects include SyFy channel's Red Faction - Origins and Warehouse 13 and self produced indie project The Casimir Effect and a second album with his prog-rock band Blue Gillespie.