Trina Ray

Trina Ray is an astronomer and systems engineer at NASA s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where she started her career with a bang - working on the Voyager Neptune Encounter in August of 1989. She is currently the Investigation Scientist for the ice penetrating radar instrument on NASA’s newest flagship mission - Europa Clipper. Along the way she was on the Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn (JPL/NASA) for over 20 years as the Cassini Science Planning and Sequencing Team Deputy, the team that coordinated all the science and uplinked all the commands to Cassini, and she specialized in planning the science timelines of the all the Titan flybys. She has been a technical group supervisor. Trina has received numerous awards, including a NASA medal for Exceptional Service and the prestigious Bruce Murray Award for excellence in education and public engagement outside of normal job duties. She is an active public speaker for NASA, invited to give many talks around the nation.