Stephen W. Ramsden

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Stephen Ramsden is the founder and director of the highest volume “hands-on” astronomy outreach nonprofit in the world, The Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project, named in memoriam for a fellow military veteran. The program provides the highly acclaimed websites and CBSAP provides high tech STEM outreach absolutely free of charge to over 250,000 people worldwide annually.

CBSAP currently operates in 27 countries providing state of the art narrowband solar observing and imaging to students from primary school to post graduate university level, and to the general public at major public festivals and events across the globe.

Ramsden is a noted motivational science lecturer in the United States with lectures and outreach appearances at every major astronomy or science show in the states to his credit. He has been published in Astronomy magazine, Sky and Telescope, Astronomy Now, National Geographic, NASA websites and periodicals, countless internet sites including,,,, and many others.

Ramsden holds professional titles in astrophysics, nuclear propulsion, aviation safety, heliophysics, air traffic control, meteorology, and advanced STEM education. Ramsden’s lectures cover the importance of science education in the community and the physics, features and imaging/observing methods used in modern solar astronomy.