Bob Burden

Eisner Award winning artist, graphic novelist and screenwriter Bob Burden is the creator of the world’s first surrealist superhero Flaming Carrot and Atlanta’s first comic book superhero.

A founding member of the insurgent 80s New-Wave indy comic revolution, Burden joined the Hernandez Brothers, Dave Sim, Dan Clowes, Chester Brown, and Eastman and Laird in a spontaneous explosion of creativity, innovation and originality - foisting visionary alternatives to the corporate face of comics on an unsuspecting fandom that changed the medium forever.

His seminal comic work includes Mysterymen (which was the basis for the 60-million-dollar Universal film Mystery Men), Flaming Carrot (the further adventures of the strangest man alive) and Gumby.

Burden’s work has been honored with almost every major award in the comics industry, including the Inkpot Award, the Eisner Award, the ACE Award, the Ignatz Award and several Kirby Award nominations.

Burden is currently drawing a new Flaming Carrot comics series form Dark Horse and also a Flaming Carrot Omnibus, due out later this year.