Bob Burden

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Atlanta's own award winning comic artist, graphic novelist, and screenwriter Bob Burden created the surrealist superhero Flaming Carrot, The MysteryMen, with was made into a feature film, and successfully adapted Gumby for the comic book medium.

Burden hit the comics scene in the 80’s with his raw, primitive and iconoclastic Flaming Carrot, the world’s first surrealistic superhero, just as a “new wave” of revolutionary independent comics were pioneering a creative renaissance.

His seminal comic work include The MysteryMen (which was the basis for the 60 million dollar Universal film), Flaming Carrot (the further adventures of the strangest man alive) and Gumby.

Burden's work has been honored with almost every major award in the comics industry, including the Inkpot Award, the Eisner Award, the ACE Award, the Ignatz Award and several Kirby Award nominations.

Burden is currently engaged in developing projects and screenplays for the big screen, and is planning on introducing a number of properties.