Larry Correia

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Larry Correia is the Dragon Award winning, New York Times bestselling author of the Monster Hunter International urban fantasy series, the Grimnoir Chronicles alternate history trilogy, the Saga of the Forgotten warrior epic fantasy series, the Dead Six military thrillers (with Mike Kupari), and the Monster Hunter Memoirs series (with John Ringo), all from Baen books. Larry has also written dozens of short stories, novels set in the Warmachine game universe, and the Adventures of Tom Stranger Interdimensional Insurance Agent (narrated by Adam Baldwin).

In 2016 Larry won the inaugural Dragon Award for best fantasy for his novel Son of the Black Sword. He has also won or been a finalist for the Audie, Gemmell Legend, AML, CLFA, Manticore, H. Beam Piper Memorial, and other awards.

A former accountant, machine gun dealer, and firearms instructor, Larry lives in the mountains of northern Utah with his family.