Peter Capn' Cutler

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Peter Capn' Cutler works as a freelance artist, cartoonist for comics, t-shirts, video games, book illustrations, album covers, web sites, and many other things. He has been drawing as far back as he can remember. Raised by very encouraging parents including an artistic mother who took him shopping in art stores when he was very young when he started taking up the pencil. Influenced heavy by golden age cartoons (especially looney toons), Harvey comics, Mad magazine, monster mags and models, weird album covers and movie posters. He's been working professionally since his early 20's with the likes of Guy Gilcrest production, Continuum Comics, and Ralph Bakish. Right now he's currently working Tiki Zombie for New Legend Productions and Hero Cats for Action Lab. He's also done album covers for Pure Ed and Radio Cult as well as the cover for their comic. His favorite artists are Robert Crumb, Jack Davis, Don Bluth, Will Eisner, Kim Deitch, Chuck Jones, Basil Wolverton, and Brian Froad.