Billy Tackett

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Having always enjoyed the smell and texture of paint, Billy Tackett began “splattering” with his fingers in order to really get into his work and eliminate brushes. By dipping his fingers into the paint and flicking it directly onto the canvas he’s able to capture a desired image without the use of brushes, giving the highly textured art a more fluid and organic quality. His technique started out very loose with landscapes and florals but was eventually set aside for a love of illustration.

Nearly ten years ago though, tiring of illustration using more traditional oil painting techniques, he began splattering again. Newly energized, Tackett began pushing the technique, tightening up the medium, experimenting with portraits, etc. Faces began to emerge, fantastical images appeared, and he began creating highly textured paintings that people fell in love with.

While he continues exploring new techniques and his work still resonates with an obvious love of pop culture, you'll find it now sprinkled with more fine art creations. These have allowed Tackett to spread his wings and experiment with more architecture, portraits, and still lifes...things he probably would have never painted prior. And for that he is grateful.