Trip Hope

Trip Hope has performed in 30 films, 50 plays, and produced 10 films & a popular web series. His current award-winning features include The Human Race (2013) and Innocent Blood (2013). He's currently in pre-production for feature films The Turning (2014) and Noon Tomorrow (2015). He's the executive producer of the award-winning comedy steampunk web series, The Adventures of The League of STEAM. The League of STEAM has created steampunk projects with Panic! At the Disco, Justin Bieber, & Epic Meal Time. Trip's film career includes performances with James Franco (Good Time Max), Doug Jones (League of STEAM "Dining with the Devil”, Innocent Blood, Pie & Coffee), C.S. Lee & Justin Chon (Innocent Blood). His most recent stage performance was in the world premier of Internet Dating: The Musical in Hollywood, from 30 Rock Emmy Award winning writer Ron Weiner. He's an alumni of the Actors Theatre of Louisville, Play House West, and has a BFA in Acting and Directing and a Masters of Education in Theatre Arts.