Erin Macdonald

Dr Erin Macdonald is an astrophysicist, science fiction consultant, aerospace engineer, and host of the online series Dr Erin Explains the Universe. Her specialty is general relativity and spacetime in science fiction and she has found her home consulting with writers and teaching STEM through popular culture.

Dr Erin hails from Colorado, obtained her PhD in astrophysics from the University of Glasgow, and has worked as a researcher, an educator, and an engineer. She combined this expertise with her love for popular culture to teach science through science fiction.

Erin currently lives in Los Angeles and hosts the online series Dr Erin Explains the Universe. She has been a featured guest at Star Trek Las Vegas, Awesome Con's FutureCon and Star Trek: The Cruise as well as a number of podcasts where she shares the science behind sci-fi. Erin also consults with science fiction writers, most recently consulting and appearing on Project Alpha's Orbital Redux.

Never one to be too serious, she is also a tattooed Scottish-American N7 Slytherin Rebel from Starfleet.