Kirsten Z. Cairns

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Kirsten Z Cairns is a senior staffer for, where she writes for the website and frequently organizes TORn ‘moots’ and events. She is often seen at conventions (including Dragon Con, San Diego ComicCon, Calgary Expo, New York ComicCon and Germany’s HobbitCon) and gatherings, as a panel presenter, a discussion participant, and as a singer. Her renditions of "May it Be" and "Into the West" have been heard at many fan gatherings; February 2013 she performed "Into the West" with Billy Boyd’s band Beecake, at’s One Expected Party. In 2009, Cairns was an organizer and master of ceremonies for the day of talks and presentations which were given as part of the weekend long celebrations when The Fellowship of the Ring was shown at Radiocity Music Hall in New York. She has attended many press junkets and red carpets for Tolkien related events, and in 2015, she ran the crowdfund effort to make The One Last Party happen - a big celebration of all 6 of PJ’s Middle-earth movies!

As well as speaking on many Tolkien and fantasy literature panels, Cairns has had articles on all things Middle-earth (or matters geeky!) published both online and in magazines and books, including her popular Inside the Middle-earth Actor’s Studio interview series, where she talked in depth with many of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings cast members.

In "real life," Cairns is a stage director, public speaker and singer, who has worked extensively in opera, theatre and traditional music. She works freelance, performing, staging shows and lecturing on literature, music, opera, and art and crafts.

Back in her student days, Cairns studied singing in Scotland, and she brings her knowledge and experience of Scots song to the traditional music performances which are beloved of fans of all things fantasy! As well as her masters degree in singing, Cairns has degrees in english literature and in theatre, so she is a triple threat when it comes to discussing and exploring Middle-earth and realms beyond!