Yale Stewart

Yale Stewart is a cartoonist born and based out of St. Louis, MO.

A fan of comics and animation from a young age, he chose to pursue cartooning as a career by attending SCAD, where he majored in Animation (BFA, 2010). Shortly after graduation, he began work on his creator-owned graphic novel, Gifted.

During a lull in the production of Gifted, Yale took a break and doodled a few goofy comic strips featuring popular DC characters as children. These strips would evolve into the webcomic now known as JL8, which has gone on to win multiple awards, including IGN's "Best Webcomic of 2012" (Critics and People's Choice).

Yale has managed to parlay the success of JL8 into work for major publishers, including stints at Image Comics providing back-ups for the Luther Strode series, work in NOVA #100 from Marvel Comics, and yet-to-be-released Adventure Time work for kaBOOM!

He is currently continuing work on JL8, as well as producing a series of children's books featuring popular superheroes due out in Summer 2014.