Trevor S. Valle

Trevor Valle is a paleontologist (formerly from The La Brea Tar Pits), a certified cicerone (specializing in lost beer styles), and an outspoken science communicator on Twitter.

He has appeared on the History Channel (Doomsday), The Discovery Channel (Dirty Jobs), the National Geographic Channel (Mammoths Unearthed), BBC (Ice Age Giants), TLC (Prehistoric), Attack of the Show!, the Joe Rogan Experience, Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, IMAX (Titans of the Ice Age), and even The Weather Channel (Abandoned Places).

He has presented at monthly NerdNite events across the country, been voted the Best Speaker at NerdNite San Diego, as well as Bawdy Storytelling.

He also happens to be a four-time alumni of Space Camp, assisted in the creation of a life-sized sabertoothed cat puppet with the Jim Henson Company, an amateur Mark Twain historian, an apprentice magician and magic historian, a former hockey goalie, and is known to have a tattoo or two.