Gui Cavalcanti

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Gui Cavalcanti's mission is to bring science fiction to life. He is the Co-Founder, CEO and mechanical design lead of MegaBots, Inc, a company that's making giant robot combat into the science fiction sport of the future. He and Matt Oehrlein designed and built the Mk.II, challenged Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a duel, and will be fighting the KURATAS robot in the world's first giant robot duel later this year.

Gui has previously co-founded Project Hexapod, an effort to make a 6,000 pound 6-legged walking robot, and Artisan's Asylum, a 40,000 square foot makerspace in Boston, MA. He also worked at Boston Dynamics as an engineer and systems integrator on BigDog, PETMAN, LS3, and other high-performance legged robots.