Sho Murase

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Sho Murase is half Japanese & half Korean, grew up in Europe &  has been living in San Francisco California during the past 15 + years. This mix of cultures is reflected in her work, merging Asian, manga  & western art influences with a personal dark twist.

Sho has been working for advertising/animation/ entertainment industries, making style guides, pitch packages and design work for companies such as Disney, Warner Bros, Marvel Comics & DC Entertainment amongst others.

In comics, Sho’s first graphic novel, SEI, was published by Image Comics over a decade ago, since then, she has been working in comics drawing covers for titles such as Hawkeye for Marvel, and illustrating graphic novels, including more than 24 volumes of the graphic novel serialization of Nancy Drew. She is currently working on two secret new titles.

Her personal artwork has been exhibited at Wonderground Gallery Disney, the German Film Museum in Frankfurt and the Louisiana Modern Art Museum in Denmark. It has been included in numerous art books, one such is  The Star Wars Visions, a coffee table art book displaying great world-renowned artists such as Moebius and Enki Bilal