Gawki, also known as Ki, is a bold illustrator of fantastical creatures and characters that exist in surreal landscapes that spawn only from her brain soup. Sometimes she draws way too many unicorns, but in-between all the sketches can exist paintings with inventive uses of color and mark-making.

Ki was published in Spectrum the last 4 years in a row. In 2017 she was called upon stage for the Spectrum Rising Star award as an honorable mention and received the Gen Con 50 Juror's Choice award from widely respected artist, Justin Gerard. Ki illustrated the cover of the new book release, Pretty Marys in a Row (written by Gwendolyn Kiste and published by Broken Eye Books). Gawki established and oversees the Drawtober challenge with Vonnart where in 2017, the first year it was created, 2000 artists participated.