American Murder Song

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Performer list.

Cult film composers Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman are no strangers to creating dark, cinematic music and racy, interactive fan events. With their movies, they pioneered a punk rock approach to storytelling and distribution, touring their musical films like rock concerts and cultivating a die-hard fanbase in the process. 2008's Repo! The Genetic Opera is still a proud home to shadowcasters and midnight moviegoers worldwide, and with the successful touring event screenings of The Devil's Carnival in 2012 and Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival in 2015, Terrance and Saar cemented their legacy as masters of a bold and unique genre. The duo is back with a new project, American Murder Song. As the roguish Messrs. Tender & Storm, Terrance and Saar invite fans to join them for a live, audience-participatory historical lesson on murder, music and America. Rise for a blacker short of murder ballads!