Jarrod Carl Alberich

Jarrod “The Yard Sale Artist” Alberich is the creator of his own original comic book, Hamilton vs. Burr: A Werewolf Tale. He is also a trading card artist who has done work for Marvel & Upper Deck trading cards. He’s currently the Art Director for White Rocket Books, specializing in writing, cover art & inking.

Jarrod Alberich calls himself the “Yard Sale Artist” because everything he uses for his art; the canvases, the paints, even the brushes are all acquired via yard sale or sometimes found on the side of the road...or dumpster-diving. He tries to take things that were destined for the landfill, and give them a second life as art.

Alberich is a host on three podcasts: On Her Majesty’s Secret Podcast, The Longbox Crusade, and The White Rocket Entertainment Network.