Joshua Monroe

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

At the young age of 13, Joshua Monroe had been creating props and armor before he even knew what cosplay was. As an avid gamer, he was knowledgeable and obsessed with armor, and wanted to collect suits from various games as a hobby. He expressed his love for games by building suits and cosplays of familiar or main characters from the franchise and went to game releases to give the attendees an unexpected surprise. He familiarized himself with various crowds to appeal to all types of people that shared his passion, not knowing that cosplay was a hobby he would soon discover. Around seven years later he attended his first convention and was absolutely blown away by what he describes as "the beauty of cosplay." He now spends his time attending as many cons as he can, in hopes of meeting more cosplayers and prop designers that share both his passion and profession. Joshua considers himself a "natural helper and easy to get along with" and welcomes any questions from any cosplayers that may have them. He has made appearances at the Louisiana geek fair as a judge and guest, and  appeared on SYFY Channel's Cosplay Melee as a contestant. In just a few short years, Josh has made great progress in his endeavors to travel the world for cosplay, and he hopes to visit more cons across the globe to share his passion with others he meets along the way.