Hawkings Austin

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Hawkings Austin is a new fantasy and science fiction writer debuting this year from Superversive Press. Austin is a famed storyteller of mostly historic tales. He has numerous professional publications, but he also has short story publications in First Blood, sword-fighting research published in Renaissance Magazine, a blog on urban fantasy at Silver Empire Publishing, and two novels being published by Superversive.

Austin is a professional physicist and engineer with professional degrees specializing in plasma physics (fire) and material science (burning stuff), thermal mechanics (fire again), and instrumentation (sticking stuff in fire). He is a professional survivalist and provides DoD with survivability engineering for personnel and weapon systems. He has worked for NASA, NATO, MDA and DoD for over two decades.

His education includes over three decades in historic research, warfare, and costuming and he has spent at least one lifetime in role playing games. Austin has worked on martial arts for over thirty years with over fifteen of those years invested in White Lotus Eagle Claw Kung Fu. He has studied western martial arts for more than twenty years and is a top-ranked swordsman in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Finally, he is one of the world’s great experts on catching stuff on fire.