Jemely Jayme

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Jemely and Jeremy Jayme are twin sisters passionate about storytelling in all its forms who do everything together; like Fred and George Weasley!

They are professional freelance artists who have been guests featured at comic-conventions (Calgary Expo, Emerald City Comic Con, and Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) and in multiple pop culture galleries. Their most current and known project is the Darkroom Series, illustrated print sets of pop icons and characters printed like vintage darkroom developed photographs.

Not content with telling stories through art, Jemely and Jeremy also founded Dead Wringer Productions, an independent company specializing in visual storytelling. It was under this company they premiered their first film, Imagination Thief, in July 2013.

The next frontier they plan on conquering is graphic novels, with their first books, Medusa: Mortal Consequences and Sweet Marietta, currently in production.