Tabby Boyajian

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Tabetha "Tabby" Boyajian is an astronomer and astrophysicist on faculty at Louisiana State University, as well as secretary and steering committee member of Division G Stars and Stellar Physics of the International Astronomical Union. Boyajian received a BS degree in Physics with concentration in Astronomy from the College of Charleston, and a PhD degree in Astronomy from Georgia State University. Post PhD, Boyajian was awarded a Hubble Fellowship, and later became a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University.

Boyajian is active in the astronomical fields of high angular resolution astronomy (particularly via interferometry), spectroscopy, time-domain photometry, particularly at optical and infrared wavelengths. Her research interests lie in determining the fundamental properties of stars and in characterizing exoplanet host stars. She also is a science team member of the Planet Hunters project which allows citizen scientists to analyze Kepler mission data and contribute to the hunt for exoplanets by grading light curves using human eyes as opposed to relying solely on human-created algorithms. She is the lead author of infamous paper "Where's the Flux?", which investigated the highly unusual light curve of KIC 8462852; the star is colloquially known as "Tabby's Star”, or more formally as "Boyajian's Star”, in her honor.