Andrea Lorenzo Molinari

Andrea Lorenzo Molinari received his Ph.D. from Marquette University (1996). His writings vary considerably in genre and include six books: two scholarly monographs; a role-playing game; The Shepherd: Apokatastasis (Caliber Comics, 2015); an illustrated novel with Tyler J. Walpole: Climbing the Dragon’s Ladder (Caliber Comics, 2017); and The Shepherd: The Path of Souls (Caliber Comics, forthcoming 2018). In addition, he has published numerous scholarly articles as well as a variety of popular pieces. Other media projects include three audio courses and a television documentary with BBC/ Discovery. Molinari also serves as a submissions editor and project editor for Caliber Comics (e.g., Time Grunts; Tales from the Outer Rim; The Devil's Armchair; Last on the List; Morning Star; Dark Frontier; Caliber Presents 3: Flash from Nowhere; Weirdsdale).