Dana Swanson

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Dana Swanson is a voice actor, musician, game reviewer, and person who improvises too much from Atlanta, GA. She provides the talky-parts of Toonami’s SARA, Dark Ages’ Malison, and Glenn’s Wife on Squidbillies while also recording music and voice nonsense for various other Adult Swim projects. She is co-creator of the beloved Dirty Dirty Con Con Game Game Show Show and member of the comedic band Le Sexoflex.

Swanson is also a senior writer/producer for Adult Swim’s On-Air department, creating promos and commercials intended to make you consume and then laugh, causing you to spit out that thing you were supposed to consume. It’s really a zero sum game.  If you don’t own a television, you can see her reviewing mobile games and creating offbeat content for the streaming show Toonami Pre-flight. She also performs at Dad’s Garage Theater Company and occasionally records oh-so-serious electronic covers of theme songs.