Jill Thompson

Jill Thompson began her comics career working for such publishers as First Comics and Now Comics in the 1980s. She became the artist of DC Comics' Wonder Woman series in 1990. Her work on the "Chalk Drawings" story in Wonder Woman #46 (Sept. 1990) drew praise from writer George Pérez who stated "It was a good, quiet story, and I think Jill and I worked really well together on that one." Thompson illustrated the "Brief Lives" story arc in The Sandman issues #41–49, and the story "The Parliament of Rooks" in Issue #40 (part of the Fables and Reflections collection). Within this tale she created the characters Li'l Death and Li'l Morpheus, childlike versions of two of the Endless based on classic comic characters Sugar and Spike.

She has since written and illustrated several stories featuring the Sandman characters. These include the manga-style book Death: At Death's Door, one of DC's bestselling books of 2003, set during the events of Season of Mists, and The Little Endless Storybook, a children’s book using childlike versions of the Endless. In 2005 Thompson wrote and illustrated the Dead Boy Detectives, an original graphic novel based on two minor characters from Season of Mists.

Thompson designs the ring attire for WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan.

Thompson created the comic book series Scary Godmother, originally published by Sirius Entertainment and later by Dark Horse Comics. The books spawned two television specials: Scary Godmother Halloween Spooktacular, which aired in foreign countries in 2003 before being picked up by Cartoon Network in 2004. This was followed by Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy in 2005. Both were animated using CGI. Thompson did scripting for the project and maintained a measure of creative control. In 2003, the merchandising rights to Scary Godmother reverted to Thompson, allowing her to proceed with plans to create a Scary Godmother fashion doll for which she promoted a successful Kickstarter campaign.

In 2015, Thompson was ranked fourth in the "Top 50 Female Comic Book Artists" poll conducted by Comic Book Resources.