Ed Brisson

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Ed Brisson is a comic book writer who first started to garner attention with his self-published crime series Murder Book. He broke into the public spotlight in 2012 with the crime/time-travel thriller series Comeback (Shadowline/Image Comics). In the short time since then, he's written and co-created four other series published by Image: Sheltered, The Field, The Mantle, and The Violent.

His self-published series Murder Book was collected and released by Dark Horse in early 2015.

 Ed has also written for Boom (Sons of Anarchy, Cluster, The Last Contract), Marvel (Iron Fist, Cable, Uncanny X-Men), DC (Batman & Robin Eternal), IDW (TMNT/X-Files Conspiracy) and many others.

He's currently writing Dead Man Logan, X-Force, and Uncanny X-Men for Marvel.

He's been nominated for the Joe Shuster Award for Best Canadian Writer several times.

He lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada with his wife and daughter.