Matt Green

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

For over three decades, Matt Green has been one of the southeast’s most active filmmakers. Besides having directed nine feature films in the last 19 years and creating creature, makeup and physical effects for the past 32 years, Matt has helped other filmmakers produce and coordinate their own films as well as motivating many of his past students to follow their dreams of a career in the motion picture industry.

For the past 31 years Matt Has accepted an invitation to speak on the craft of film making at Dragon Con, one of the worlds largest sci-fi, fantasy and media conventions. Appearing on panels for directing, producing, the use of computer graphics vs. physical effects, and the distribution of independent films, Green has spoken to crowds of over 300 people on the craft of making films.

After teaching commercial editing at the Atlanta broadcast institute for over two years, Green accepted a personal invitation by special effects legend Tom Savini to teach at his world renown Tom Savini Special Makeup Effects School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for three and a half years.

In 2006 Matt returned to Atlanta Georgia to continue making films in the south where he worked on several big budget films including the Hunger Games series and the Fast and Furious films.

After working with several industry leaders such as producer/director Chris Moore (American Pie, Project Greenlight) Writer/director/actor Dwayne Whitaker (Pulp Fiction, From Dusk Till Dawn 2) and actors Bill Moseley, Zach Galligan, Richard Tyson, Vernon Wells, and William Sanderson, among others, Green has learned and mastered how to incorporate big budget filmmaking techniques into low budget scenarios.

Being involved in productions both domestic and international, Green has performed most every job on a film set. He brings the knowledge of how to manage the various filmmaking jobs, from directing your film to feeding your crew.