Peter Abrahamson

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

After seeing The Empire Strikes Back at the impressionable age of 14, Peter knew what he wanted to do with his life, special effects. Peter attended the USC School of Fine Arts and started working on student films doing special effects. Peter's first feature film was the remake of The Blob in 1988 building and puppeteering the Blob. After that the doors opened wide to work on film, TV, and theme park attractions. His early work appears in movies like Beethoven, Alien3, Addams Family, Stargate, the TV shows Dinosaurs and Seaquest DSV, and Universal Studios Florida and Sario Puroland Japan theme parks. In 1994 a new challenge was presented to him in the form of Robot Wars.

Competing annually in robotic combat while still involved in film and TV, Peter worked on Born to be Wild, Warriors of Virtue, George of the Jungle, Dr. Dolittle, Mighty Joe Young, Idle Hands, Bicentennial Man, MonkeyBone, and Me, Myself, and Irene. Robot Wars eventually lead to Battlebots. Peter competed with his super heavy weight robot Ronin. Battlebots on Comedy Central lead to some notoriety and toys were made of his robot. Ronin was used in multiple TV shows, Friends, The Drew Carey Show, Judging Amy, and CSI. After Battlebots ended, Peter and some friends started their own traveling robotic combat event, Sozbots, sixteen ounce robots.

Continuing to work in film and TV, Peter worked on Say It Isn’t So, Men in Black II, The Santa Clause II, Hellboy, Van Helsing, I Robot, The Mask II: The Son of the Mask, Lady in the Water, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Bones, and a slew of commercials.

Peter has had the benefit of working in many special effects shops, spectral motion, Rick Baker’s Cinovation, The Jim Henson Creature Shop, ADI, Alterian Studios, to name a few. Currently Peter works at Applied Invention, a research and development firm, where he designs and builds Human Interface Devices, cameras, and industrial robots for police use and bomb disposal. Peter has also continued his love of robot combat by becoming a producer on the current ABC iteration of BattleBots. But even with his busy schedule he still finds time to work on small puppet projects with The Spirit Cabinet, on The Narrative of Victor Karloch and The Mill at Calder’s End.