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Fantasy Literature

Director: Charlotte Moore

Dragon Con's Fantasy Literature track offers fans of the written work a place to talk about their favorite, to ask questions of authors, to learn some of the history of the genre and to throw seriousness out the window and play games connected to the stuff we love to read. Publishers will continue to give us enticing views of things we MUST have on our bookshelves and fans will continue to disagree over what makes it real science fiction.

You may have heard that there is a fabulous NEW TRACK this year called High Fantasy. We know there's likely to be some confusion, given the similarity between our track names and subject matter and certainly there will be some overlap in our themes. High Fantasy will deal specifically with the sub-genre that includes Tolkien, Martin, C.S. Lewis, Sanderson, etc., and will be handling fantasy MEDIA. We are 100% literature.

Nothing transports us to other worlds like a beautifully woven story—and there are no worlds that call to us like the ones in fantasy literature. The Fantasy Literature Track celebrates the lush and light, the dark and dangerous, the poetry and prose of realms beyond our imagining. We sing the songs, explore the art, wrangle the creatures, and meet the authors of the ensorcelling tales that take us away. Our panelists encompass professors, artists, soldiers, rocket scientists, musicians, and those who defy description. We welcome challenging discussion about how modern cultural problems fit into fantasy narratives and strive to create a safe space for readers of every stripe. Longtime genre nerds and burgeoning enthusiasts are all welcome!

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