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Character Design Workshop with Tom Bancroft


This is an intensive 2.5 hour workshop where former Disney animator/ TV and feature film character designer and writer/illustrator of the bestselling "Creating Characters with Personality" Tom Bancroft will give you practical art instruction on how to design a character.  Starting with drawing and design basics you will learn how to thoughtfully design a character using shape language and move into more advanced principles of posing and expressions.  You will end with designing a character of your own and Bancroft will also do draw-overs on as many of your designs as possible to show ways to strengthen your character.  This class is for anyone that wants to create characters for film, TV, comic books, comic strips, or video games.  Supplies for drawing will be included.

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 ABOUT Tom Bancroft:

Bancroft has animated on 10 feature films and 5 animated shorts including the Disney feature films: Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Pocahontas, Tarzan, and Mulan (where he was the designer and lead animator of "Mushu" the dragon).  He has also illustrated over 50 children's books, designed posters for Disney Theatrical, storyboarded for film and TV, drawn comics for Disney, DC, and Marvel and has authored the two best selling books on character design: "Creating Characters with Personality" and " Character Mentor".  

Cost: $65 includes supplies

LIMITED to 30 students

Time and Date: Friday, 2:30-5pm, Hilton 309-310