The Blibbering Humdingers

These mischievous masters of musical hi-jinx will wizard-rock the tea towel right off of your house elf. Hailing from Cary, NC, Scott & Kirsten have been singing together for over 20 years. They formed the Blibbering Humdingers in 2007 upon the release of the final Harry Potter book. True to their name (an obscure Luna Lovegood reference) they mostly perform original, comedic pop-songs about the wizarding world of Harry Potter - in a wide range of musical styles from old-timey, to 50s do-wop, to 80s new-wave, to straight rock. In addition to HP they dabble in all kinds of other nerdy things like RPGs, Timelords, medieval history, steampunk, Jedi, Browncoats, Ren Faires, SCA, and such.

They’ve appeared at various conventions including ConCarolinas, LeakyCon, RavenCon, StellarCon, Ohio Valley Filk Festival, Wrockstock, the Quidditch World Cup, and host a "top secret wizard rock show" each year at the SCA’s Pennsic War. Their songs have been featured on a variety of charity compilations and podcasts and are often joined by various friends to fill out their sound with drums, bass, electric violin or whatever kind of band they can piece together.

With songs like "Voldemort Made Me Crap My Pants" and "Dobby, Bang Your Head" it’s hard not to have a good time at a Humdingers show. More at