Abney Park
Abney Park is a counter culture band, that’s performed world-wide for 20 years, released 23 albums, and was instrumental in popularizing the steampunk subculture. Their sound is a mix of electronic dance, electroswing, and modern pop music. Their fun and riotous performances feature over-the-top steampunk instruments and costumes.

Atlanta Radio Theatre Company
Atlanta Radio Theatre Company has been creating original audio drama since 1984 and has performed at every Dragon Con since the beginning. In addition to our live performances you can hear them via podcast on the Centauri Express Audio Magazine and download their studio work through their website.

Atlanta Swing Orchestra
The Atlanta Swing Orchestra is a group of musicians from the Atlanta area that really love to play the big band music that gets you dancing! They are musicians who are dedicated to keeping the Great American Songbook alive by playing tunes from the 40s to modern day classics. 

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Black Sheep Ensemble
Black Sheep Ensemble is vagapunk street music for the masses.  Black Sheep Ensemble’s rowdy street performances—rooted in Balkan, Bollywood, Second Line, Latin and Ska—bring crowds up on their feet, out to the streets, and into the music. This rambling party of talented carousers sparks celebration at every turn with low brass belting out the bass line while eccentric drums drive the dance.

Crystal Bright
Crystal Bright is a singer/multi-instrumentalist composing music steeped with dark cinematic twists and international musical influences. Her upcoming record, Staring at the Sun, will take you on an evolution of her sound and was recorded with Mitch Easter at the Fidelitorium recording studio.

Brobdingnagian Bards
The Brobdingnagian Bards are back for a Dragon Con reunion! They take traditional Irish and Scottish folk songs, mix it up with Lord of the Rings music to create a unique brand of Celtic Filk. And when they say "unique," believe it!

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Tiffany Colwell
Tiffany Colwell has been doing aerial silks for nine years and performing for about seven years. She is currently a silks instructor teaching at Atlanta Parkour. Colwell has always been a dancer and wanted to find a way to go higher, so she fell in love with doing aerial silks.

One of the most notable dark-wave bands internationally, The Crüxshadows' motto is "live, love, be, believe," and it serves as a reminder that while The Crüxshadows may write catchy songs, the band has depth that extends beyond the dance floor.

Crossed Swords
Broadswords, rapiers, and even batlefs clash in this dazzling display of Hollywood-style combat. Harsch and Sakuta reveal secrets and demonstrate many behind-the scenes moves that make up your favorite movie, TV, and theater sword fighting stunts.

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D'Vinci is a professional Jacksonville DJ born in the U.K that offers nothing but high energy entertainment. D'Vinci gets the crowd involved by creating interactions throughout the show, so be on your toes for a night to remember, including the 2017 Dragon Con Zombie Prom!

DJ Scapegoat
DJ Scapegoat is a Scottish DJ who'll mix it up at the tenth annual Bunny Hutch party with everything from the classic TV themes of our youth, through rock, metal and punk anthems, hip-hop, dubstep, rap, dance tracks, remixes, mashups, and more!

DJP was the DJ for last year’s 8-bit ball, to the largest crowd they have ever had on an opening night. DJP currently does approximately 75-100 nights a year on the decks from 80s/90s/00s to current, swing to EDM, rock to pop, and everything in-between. 

The Doubleclicks
The Doubleclicks are a pair of sisters from Portland, Oregon who write songs that are all at once snarky, geeky and sweet. You'll hear about geekdom, cats, dinosaurs, and lots of feelings!

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Nick Edelstein
Nick “Captain of Trek Rock” Edelstein brings you the latest hits from Jupiter Station, covering topics from disco to the Delta quadrant! Voyage beyond the Sol System, travel through time, and git down wit yo’ bad Terran self. Then rock into the mirror universe with bawdy ballads and botanical aliens.

Erin Hill
Singing harpist Erin Hill returns to Dragon Con this year with V’ger (her electric harp). Erin's Celtic album hit #1 on the Billboard world chart and Cleopatra Records recently released 3 albums: Harp Town, Christmas Harp, and a re-release of Girl Inventor, including her hits “Giant Mushrooms” and “Lookout, Science."

Escape the Clouds
As Escape the Clouds, Mark Rossmore draws from history, imagination, and the world around him to create steampunk-inspired “worlds that might have been” narrative songs. His blend of hard rock ukulele, driving instrumentals, and electronic percussion lay the foundation for his vivid lyrical storytelling.

Evil League of Evil
For the 10th anniversary of the release of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, the Evil League of Evil has eschewed the status quo of mere shadowcasts and group sing-alongs. Featuring a cast of local Atlanta actors brought together by their love of both theatrical supervillains and supervillainy theatre.

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Foot Pound Force
Get ready to be nerdy, get ready to rock, get ready to dance and get ready to laugh out loud. Better pay attention though, for there may be a quiz afterward from these rockin’ rocket scientists. Foot Pound Force, a band that is more than its units.

Comprised of top call freelancers, FunkCake brings the sizzle to their live shows by combining genre-bending arrangements with virtuosic soloing. YThey are regulars and fan favorites at the Peachtree Road Farmer’s Market, they have showcased at the historic Smith’s Olde Bar, and have even performed a private party for the one and only, the most charismatic avenger, Robert Downey Jr. 

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With the popularity of shows like Glee and movies like Pitch Perfect, a cappella performances are back in the mainstream, and Geekapella is here to make sure pop culture is represented! Experience a unique and energetic stage presence. Singing, dancing, cosplay, and FUN.

Electrifying audiences everywhere with their own provocative blend of pop, funk, and soul, Atlanta's Gurufish is best known for their high-octane live show, fueled by irresistible melodies wrapped around hypnotic, gritty, funky grooves. They are currently playing dates in support of their critically acclaimed underground classic, Mohair Supreme.

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Hawthorn & Holly
Hawthorn & Holly are a pop punk band that plays songs about Harry Potter. Started in 2007, these wizards hail from Charlotte, North Carolina. Leah Schroeder and Christie Mowery weave gorgeous harmonies with Eddie Mowery on guitars and Dave Beaucar of Bristol, Connecticut on bass.

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Chicago's I:Scintilla return for a fifth Dragon Con just in time to celebrate the release of their new album, Swayed. The highly anticipated record marks the quintet's first new music since 2014 and features a deep, organic new sound filled with plenty of ultra-heavy and introspective moments.

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Jess-O-Lantern is a solo spooky songstress and a powerhouse vocalist! She presents a blend of acoustic horrorpunk crossed with a a graveyard! She is originally from Ocala, FL, but is now haunting the streets of New York City. To Jess-O-Lantern, EVERY DAY IS HALLOWEEN!

Jessee is a former national touring DJ opening for such acts as Fatboy Slim, Rabbit in the Moon, Tiesto, and dozens of others. While still actively dj'ing in the west coast underground circuit, Jessee now works as a production designer/art director for feature films.

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LandLoch'd plays music that ranges from traditional Irish tunes to voice-and-drum sea shanties, along with modern Celtic pub favorites and lively drinking songs. With nearly thirty years combined performing experience, LandLoch’d shows are high-energy, interactive, and can be tailored for any setting.

Lips Down on Dixie
Lips Down On Dixie is an Atlanta based Rocky Horror Picture Show cast which performs weekly Friday midnight shows at The Plaza Theater. Known nationally for their screen accuracy, the cast has made appearances at venues around the Southeast region including Masquerade, Club Future, Chamber, Tongue & Groove, and others.

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Mikey Mason
Mikey Mason is a nationally touring comedian with an insane blend of stand-up comedy and music that intertwines and creates a cohesive show. His geeky material got him featured on, Time Magazine's Techland, MTV's Geek News, The Funny Music Project, and even!

Master Sword
Master Sword is a 5-piece American progressive power metal band inspired by The Legend of Zelda series of games. Their highly anticipated new album Shadow and Steel was recently released in 2018 and they've been featured main stage performers at MAGFest, Bitgen, and MAGLabs, among others.

Mayhayley's Grave
Southern gothic swing sensation, Mayhayley's Grave is a merry band of miscreants who bring a rockin' ragtime sound peppered with gypsy spirits. This big band hot jazz soundtrack of southern sin, hard livin', vigilante justice, and more than a touch of VooDoo is dark and dance-able!

Metalsome Live Rock Band Karaoke
Metalsome is live rock band karaoke. Guests sign up like regular karaoke but sing onstage with the actual band! They have been a staple go to event in Atlanta for 15 years and counting, still selling out every Friday and Saturday night.

Misbehavin' Maidens
The Misbehavin' Maidens are a bawdy nerd-folk band comprised of four women from the Washington, D.C./Baltimore area with a love of performing in cosplay and pirate-garb (occasionally in plain clothes) and a repertoire of feminist, sex-positive music, LGBTQIA+ representation, parodies, drinking, and fandom references for the 18+ geek crowd.

Mr. Kennedy
Arthur Ben Kennedy, aka Mr. Kennedy, has always had a love for progressive trance and electronic dance music. He has recently moved his musical career to the west coast to continue producing, remixing, DJ'ing, and creating unforgettable performances and music.

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DJ Nemesis really can't be put into one music category, and that's what makes him unique. He knows how to deliver great music, vibes, and put on a show by bringing 110% every gig! He been packing dance floors nationwide with his eclectic mix of music and performance abilities.

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Palmetto Knights
The Palmetto Knights is a historic steel combat team that brings all of their sword clashing and live fighting to center stage. These European weapon and armor experts will expand your mind with their wide array of panels and then blow your mind with intense combat tournaments.

Plankeye Peggy
Hard-wired for rock, Plankeye Peggy blends surf, Latin, gypsy, and dance rhythms into tightly-woven compositions that showcase singing voices alongside instrumental bombast. Plankeye Peggy is a rock quartet, with equal parts electric guitar and keyboards, from Asheville, N.C. who plays with a horn section as often as possible.

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Rhiannon's Lark
Alyssa Yeager, geek/goddess/girl, began touring in 2005, becoming known for her "magickal, mystical storytelling" while sharing bills with artists including Frenchy and the Punk, Mikey Mason, and Tuatha Dea. She has released five original albums bringing together her unique viewpoints on gaming, fantasy, morality, ninjas, and t-rexes!

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Tom Smith
Tom Smith’s music is full of comedy, drama, fantasy, adventure, politics, pop culture, and puns. A Dragon Con mainstay since 2004, possibly the most dangerous performer we know, and yet we keep having him back because it's so much fun. Come live the myth of Smith!

DJ Spider
It's hard to categorize DJ Spider's style. With a love of multiple genres, she'd had a chance to spin just about everything over the last 29 years, including pop, rock, dance, house, indie, retro, darkwave, country, R&B, swing, jazz, and just about everything in between. 

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That Darling DJ Duo
That Darling DJ Duo are a little different, delightfully anachronistic and odd. They host the podcast, The Clockwork Cabaret, now in its tenth year. With their shows, they’ve inspired legions of fans, amassed over 30,000+ subscribers to their podcast, and introduced many to the wild, wonderful world of steampunk.

The Black Amigo
Armed with the drive and passion to become one of the most sought after musical forces in the world, Bay Area born, Atlanta-bred, The Black Amigo (born Adriano Gomez) is not your average open format DJ. This versatile party-rocking general is the force the nightlife has been waiting for. 

The Cybertronic Spree
Transformers Hotrod, Arcee, Rumble, Unicron, Soundwave, Bumblebee, and a Quintesson have been brought together by the power of rock to form The Cybertronic Spree. Having cast aside their warring factions, these rock stars in disguise play music from The Transformers: The Movie, hit film, anime and video game covers.

The Extraordinary Contraptions
Atlanta’s favorite trans-dimensional rockers, The Extraordinary Contraptions, have returned home to Dragon Con to celebrate the release of their long-awaited fourth full-length studio album! Be prepared for an all new collection of dancey art rock (or prog pop?) anthems of steam and strife in their signature genre-bending, aggressive-waltzing style.

The Murder of Jane Crow
The Murder of Jane Crow is ruffling feathers around the world with their unique fusion of goth, cabaret, classical music and gypsy storytelling, at once theatrical and deeply personal. This quartet of crows delivers their very own style featuring piano, violin, guitar, and rich vocal harmonies.

The PDX Broadsides
The PDX Broadsides are a nerd pop-folk trio from Portland, Oregon signed to Doubleclicks Records. In 2017, PDX had a successful first tour, added piano to their sound, and reached 278% of our Kickstarter goal for their fourth album, Trust Issues!

The Taj Motel Trio
The Taj Motel Trio has served their brand of feverishly loud and fast ska-punk for 20 years. While commercial success has evaded them (and every other ska-punk band since the late 90’s), they’ve brought their infectious energy and horn lines to basements and dive bars all over the east coast.

The Wolves of Chernobyl
Weaving in fictional elements, The Wolves of Chernobyl songs are grounded in emotional reality and pivot around the idea that in the worst of times we can grow, learn, adapt, and thrive. The WoC tell tales of the apocalypse with the music of Appalachia at the edge of the firelight.

Tom Kenny & The Hi-Seas
Tom Kenny & The Hi-Seas are a rock n roll/soul/R&B band that brings the party wherever and whenever they perform. They are the embodiment of no-holds-barred, all-in rock n roll. Simply put, their mission statement can be summed up as follows: Hey, let’s have as much fun as humanly possible!

Toucan Dubh
Toucan Dubh is known for fun, high-energy shows with audience involvement. Performing at Ren Faires, music festivals, and pubs, entertaining with Irish and Scottish music, Americana, and original comedy songs, with plenty of jokes and banter to keep everyone smiling.

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Unwoman (aka Erica Mulkey) is a San Francisco-based solo cellist-singer-songwriter. Her sets feature dark steampunk pop songs on stand-up electric cello with dramatic live looping. She received two Steampunk Chronicle Reader's Choice Awards in 2015, for best solo musician and best album.

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Aurelio Voltaire
Aurelio Voltaire is a media personality and respected authority on all things gothic, horror, sci-fi, steampunk, and involving "geek" culture. He is often referred to as a modern day renaissance man having achieved success in the fields of animation, music, comics, books, and toys.

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