Atlanta Radio Theatre Company
Creating and performing original audio drama since 1984!

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Kirby Krackle
Kirby Krackle is a pioneer of the nerd-rock movement; songs about comic books, video games, geek culture, and harnessing your inner-awesome.

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Nerf Herder
Pioneers of the late 90’s Pop-Punk and Geek Rock movements, best known for writing theme for Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Their newest album, Rockingham, comes out March 11, 2016 and is an explosion of geekness, with true-to-form songs like "At The Con," "I'm The Droid" and "Ghostbusters III."

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» Tom Smith
Tom Smith is a singer-songwriter who dabbles mostly in comedy, mostly in folk rock. Tom has had several legendary performances at DragonCon, among others.

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» The Muckers
The Muckers is Atlanta's only Celtic rock band. We combine a variety of influences into a rocking stage show with a traditional tilt. Band includes accordion, fiddle and mandolin, as well as standard guitar, bass and drums.

Tuatha Dea
Celtic Tribal Gypsy Rock with an Appalachian, Steam Punk twist. Incorporating Conventional and non-conventional instrumentation with amazing vocals into a super energetic, costumed performance which includes Original, traditional and even cover material. Heavy percussion base including interaction with the audience! Family friendly for all ages!

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