We had a great 2013 show with wonderful guests and we will soon begin to work on our 2014 lineup. Check back here for updates!


» Mikey Mason
Melodic geek rock from the nationally touring comedian who gave the world "She Don't Like Firefly." As seen on NBC,,, and more.

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» Platform One
Pl1 is preparing to release their fourth album, Floating Cathedrals. Entirely funded by fans, their kickstarter goal was reached in two days. This drum, synth, vocal trio is known for crowd engaging, high-energy shows. They’ve opened for Ego Likeness, Covenant, Icon of Coil, and have appeared on Electronic Saviors.

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» Tom Smith
Weird Al with more books, Jonathan Coulton with more jokes, George Carlin with more Cthulhu. Composer of the official chantey for Talk Like A Pirate Day, music for Steve Jackson Games, Girl Genius's Transylvania Polygnostic University Fight Song, and the Jim Henson tribute "A Boy And His Frog."

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