The Rocky Horror Picture Show Live

Rocky Horror Takes on Dragon Con—Volume XIV

On Saturday night (Sun 1 am), September 4, 2016, Dragon Con, the Lips Down on Dixie, Georgia's premier Rocky Horror cast, will once again play host to one of the largest Rocky Horror events in Atlanta history.

Approximately 3000 loyal Rocky fans are expected to attend the show and fill the Atlanta Hyatt Regency's massive Centennial Ballroom to pay homage to the quintessential midnight cult classic. The ever-lively and always unique pre-show will be emceed again this year by one of the show’s former directors, Candace Weslosky-Miller, a longtime member of Lips Down on Dixie.

LDOD prides itself on its screen accuracy, and while a large overhead screen will project the movie, the cast onstage is so tightly knit that one will be hard-pressed to tell the difference between film and stage.