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Director: Stephen Granade

Where science fact meets science fiction

This year's Dragon Con Science Track has more science than ever before! Scientists are supposed to know about every kind of science, right? See if that's true as we make physicists answer questions about biology and biologists answer questions about chemistry! Science vs Movies will explore how the vampires in Underworld: Blood Wars are biologically 100% plausible, no, really. We'll tackle how science informs cosplay, from fabric to metals to plastic. We'll talk about how you can eat bugs to save the planet, the science behind Luke Cage, and what the deal is with dark matter and the Higgs boson. Hands-on science returns, and Solve for X Variety Show is bringing Powerpoint Karaoke and Mime Your Science Research back to the convention. So be prepared to have your face blown off, only in the metaphorical "this is awesome" sense and not in the "these chemicals melted my face" sense.

If you’ve got ideas for panels or want to talk about the track, find us on Facebook or stop by our website.