Director: Stephen Granade


Where science fact meets science fiction

The Science Track brings you all the science that we can fit into Dragon Con weekend. This year we’ve got neuroscientists to talk about the link between brains and computers, geophysicists who know how the world may end, and forensic chemists who’ll tell you how to get away with murder. The track also tackles the link between science fact and science fiction. What’s the physics behind the dragons in Game of Thrones? Can evolution explain creatures like house elves in Harry Potter? If you’ve got any questions about science, we’ve got a panel of scientists who’ll answer them. Or come watch scientists have to explain the science behind movies like Lucy and Snowpiercer. And there’s always the Solve for X Variety Show, with storytelling, puppets, and Powerpoint Karaoke – yes, you get to see people give talks to science presentations they’ve never seen before.

If you’ve got ideas for panels or want to talk about the track, find us on Facebook or stop by our website.