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Silk Road: Asian Cinema & Culture

The Silk Road Track is a journey through culture, time and the imagination! You don't need to join a caravan or book passage on a ship, a Dragon Con membership is your passport to the Silk Road. Our programming represents countries from the Mediterranean to Japan and we are dedicated to bringing as much diversity as we can to represent this part of the world. We strive to include historical and modern aspects of the cultures from the East, both actual and imaginative. Some of the regular stops on our tour through Asia includes origami, horror, Japanese street fashion, martial arts, Godzilla, and K-pop! Be sure to keep your app open for some new faces and new panels this year with K-drama, Idol dance and Silk Road tea!

For more information about the Silk Road and track programming please visit our website.

For discussions, current events and announcements please see our facebook group page.

If you're interested in participating in our programming for 2018 please contact us at