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Star Wars Track

Director: Brandy Roatsey

We keep saying it's the best time since the 70s to be a Star Wars fan, and it just keeps getting better! Fall 2014 we get Star Wars Rebels, then we kick off the new movies with Episode VII, December 18th, 2015! With DC as the last major Con before MAJOR Star Wars releases, this is the place to be! We'll be discussing all of the latest news, rumors, and theories, as well as in depth dialogues about our favorite LEGENDary Saga, from the movies to the EU, to the amazing costuming, to the most obscure characters. We'll be bringing back your favorite stars and authors, our Lego and Collecting Panel, the Science of Star Wars, The Last Party on Alderaan (DC's premiere pop/dance/house party), Shauncastic and the gang's crazy Adult Themes in Sci-Fi, SuperFan's Challenging Trivia Contest, and the creative pod-race for the younglings. Make sure you bring your fancy clothes for our "Suits, Sinatra, and Star Wars" cocktail party/mix & mingle! We can't wait to get dressed up and dapper with our favorite Troopers, Mandos, Sith, and Jedi. "Fly me to the moon"...THAT'S NO MOON! 

We have a few surprises brewing for you, but really, we just can't wait to see our other family, talk, catch up, and be excited together. Since last Dragon Con, we've had to say goodbye to some very influential members of our family, AC Crispin and Aaron Allston. Join us in remembering/honoring them and their contributions for a special panel, and by wearing Aloha shirts on Sunday this year. Sadness, excitement, laughter, tears, and rage...Star Wars makes us feel all of these things and will continue to do so. This is the dawn of a new era in our Saga, and we are so glad to be spending it with you. As always, you can email us at, or find us online to discuss, pitch panel ideas, or volunteer to help out: