Fan Tracks




Star Wars Track

Director: Brandy Roatsey

The Force is strong in my family…we have it, the Dragon Con family has it…you have that power too. *Insert powerful John Williams music here.*

We’re going all in…maybe not in Sabacc, but we are feeling the awakening. It’s going to be an amazing few months, and we’ll be discussing every rumor, theory, and possibility. Of course we’re your spot for all things Star Wars--past, present, and future--The Force Awakens, Rogue One, Rebels, books, comics, games, etc.

We host “Suits, Sinatra, and Star Wars,” our classy evening/cocktail party/swing dance, and “The Last Party on Alderaan” where we’ll party like it’s the end of the world. Come home to SWatDC for fun and insightful discussions and talks with your favorite authors and fellow fans. Know that we’ll be your support group as we countdown to December 18th.