In 2013 we increased our footprint by moving our dealer tables and exhibitor booths to The Atlanta Convention Center at AmericasMart adjacent to the Westin Peachtree Plaza; and are pleased to announce that we are returning to this space for the 2014 show. This has allowed for some much needed room to spread out with more programming space for attendees, while giving us the opportunity to expand our vendor halls by approximately 20%. The Atlanta Convention Center at AmericasMart is located one block west of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta and can be accessed via breezeway from the Westin Peachtree Plaza. In addition, it will be added to our bus route, during dealer hours, for easy access. More vendor space equals more great booths and space to pick up on those wonderful items only available in the Dragon Con vendor halls. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Dealer and Exhibitor Hall hours:
  Dealers and Exhibitors Setup Open to Attendees Rooms Close
Thursday 10am N/A 10pm
Friday 8am 1pm 7pm
Saturday 9am 10am 7pm
Sunday 9am 10am 7pm
Monday 9am 10am 5pm






Our 2014 Dealers and Exhibitors:

Floor 1 - Exhibitor Website
Arda Wigs  
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab 
Cas Iberia 
Chessex Manufacturing  
Geek Chic 
Glitch Gaming Apparel  
Got Kilt 
Grreat Entertainment  
Imaginarium Galleries 
Intergalactic Trading Co  
Kimono USA 
KMK Designs 
Lightspeed Fine Art  
McFarland Publishing 
Ms. Martha's Corset Shoppe
New Age Discoveries 
Ravenwood Leather 
Scarlett's Corset
Shadows on the Wall  
Shirts For A Cure  
Sock Dreams 
Southeastern Browncoats 
Starbase Atlanta
STL Ocarina  
The Dragon Con Store  
The Mermaid's Tresses  
Tshirt Bordello 
Ultra Sabers 
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Floor 2 - Exhibitor Website
A Wrinkle in Time 
Adventure Retail  
AJ Scudiere  
Anime Depot/King Roach Enterprises  
Artemis Leather  
Austin Browncoats  
Big City Comics  
Blade Daddy  
Bricks & Boards LLC  
Captain Comics/Graham Crackers  
Circle Works 
Cool Mini or Not  
Corsets by Casta Diva  
Cosplay Deviants 
Crazy Cat Collectables  
Crazy Ed's Comics 
Delicious Boutique & Corseterie 
Dragon Fire Art  
Earth Wisdom 
Echo-X LLC 
Edgework Imports  Inc  
Elmore Productions 
Epic Cosplay 
Fireside Games 
Foam Brain 
Fool Moon Treasures Inc  
Forged Foam 
Ghoulish Productions
Gamer Concepts  
Grannywitch's Faery Cottage 
Honeck Sculpture 
House of Anime  
James Hill Gallery
Larry Smith, Bookseller  
Laurel K. Hamilton  
Magical Fashions 
Marvelous Mayhem  
Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament  
Metal Mistress  
Miss Belly Dance 
Miss Fitt & Co. 
Mysteria Antiques & Oddities  
Outer Rim Toys 
Passional Boutique 
Pegasus Publishing  
Pendragon Costumes 
Pirate Fashions  
Poetic Earth Handmade Journals 
Prometheus Books/PYR 
RAK Graphics  
Rebel Base Comics & Toys 
Reel Art  
RT Originals  
Sean's Celtic Creations  
Sherrilyn Kenyon  
Silver Leaf Costumes 
SoCal Gaming 
Steam Powered Pinky  
Steampunk Hatter  
Storm Cloud Hills 
Tairen's Lair & Authors Lair  
The Contact Lens Company  
The Hungarian Wand Shop 
The Missing Volume  
Timeless Trends 
Titan Games & Comics  
Tom Wood: Fantasy Art  
Troma Entertainment  
Unique Unicorns  
Utilikilts Co LLC  
Vamplet, LLC  
Volante Design, Inc WWW.WELOVEFINE.COM 
Whimsic Alley  
Wolfhome Adventure Outfitters  
World in Chains Chainmaille 
World of Strange  

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Dealer  Website
258 West Authentic Signatures
Aegis Steamcraft  
Afterimages of Ghostfire  
Alchemy Arms
Android Sheep
Anime Palace  
Anime Remix  
Aradani Studios
Arsenal Models
Art by Deanna Davoli
Art of David Wong
Badali Jewelry Specialists
Bast's Garden
Beautiful Brains  
Binarysoul Designs
Binders Art Supplies
Black Wyrm Publishing
Blade Daddy  
BoDangles Marionettes and Curiosities, LLC  
Captured Curls  
Chaos Kleen
Charmed Occasions Jewelry
Chimera Publishing  
Chris A. Jackson
Clayhanded Art
Commissioned Credentials LLC
Crafty Celts  
Crane's Post, Inc.
Creativi-c Designs  
Crimson Chain Leatherworks  
Cross Country Collectibles  
Diamond Star Halo
Dimension Decals
Discotek Media
Fanboy glass  
Fifi Mahony's
Fine Line Leather Design
Forbidden Knowledge
Frederick's Forge  
Geek Goddess
Geeky Endeavors
GinGee Girls  
Global International Trading  
Good Guy Comics  
Hair Candies by Xyn
Hollywood Joe's Movie Memorabilia  
Ink Correct Bar Gear
J&J Enterprises  
Junior's Comic and Cards
Just Jessa/Sarasvatis Call  
Kit Rae Design Studio  
Lost Alien Collectibles LLC  
Midnight Syndicate Soundtracks
Milton's Emporium
Morlock Enterprises  
Nene Thomas Inc  
Nerd Crafts  
Nextgen Collectible Toys
O Christmas Geek
Obsidian's Caldera  
Offworld Designs  
Painted Expressions  
Planet Comics
Posters and Comics  
Ravenwing Wearable Art
Red Roo Art Inc
Reel Imports  
Rock Shop Music and Comics
Ruth Nore Designs
Siege The Day
Sleeping Dragon South
Snacks from  
Spiral Moon  
Sprinkle Ninja  
Stephanie Romano  
Sundreams & Myths
Sweet Sisters Baking Co, LLC  
Swordmark Company  
Tandy Leather Factory  
Teddy Scares  
The Boho
The Contact Lens Company  
The Craft Junky
The Dragon's Keep  
The Dragon's Lair  
The Griffin Works
The Lovers Knot
The Snow Field
The Wizard's Wagon  
The Wright Stuff  
Time Machine Collectibles WWW.TIMEMACHINEPC.COM
Triangle Cards  
Troll & Toad  
Troy Foryre Chainmalle 
Twilight Creations  
Uber Kio  
Venusian Airship Pirate Trading Co  
Warfire Forge 
Where the Gods Live 
William Stout  
Wonderland Creations 
Word Fire Press
Zombie Love Squad

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