Interested in the nitty-gritty details of the latest science has to offer?

Where science fact meets science fiction.

This year’s Dragon Con Science Track has more science than ever before! Would you survive a disaster? Find out in Disaster Jeopardy! Watch scientists have to make up explanations about why the science in movies is absolutely totally correct in Science vs Movies. We’ll tackle what Thanos snapping away half of the universe’s biomass would really do to our biosphere, and what the deal is with gravitational waves. We’ve got hands-on science for everyone, and more scientists and science communicators than you can shake a Bunsen burner at. So be prepared to have your face blown off, only in the metaphorical “this is awesome” sense and not in the “these chemicals melted my face” sense.

If you’ve got ideas for panels or want to talk about the track, find us on Facebook.

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