Alternate and Historical Fiction

From travel and time, to spies and pirates, to all things past and neverwas

The Alternate and Historical Fiction Track is the home for movies, TV shows, musicals, books, and other media about true history, could-have-been history, never-was history and those stories that jump between. We’ll mix together time periods and time travel for all fans of historical fiction, alternate histories, and every flavor of steampunk.

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Our fan panels feature discussions of historical favorites like Vikings, The Crown, and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, as well as time-traveling pieces like Timeless, Travelers, and Outlander.  We even cover shows that looked at events that never happened like the Man in the High Castle. We have panels exploring all kinds of subjects of interest to the history and historical fiction buff, including the history of spies, Victorian death customs, pirates in popular media, forgotten women of history, and many more. Our costuming series focuses on creating a perfect period look from hair to accessories. We’re excited to host another year of singalongs to popular musicals, including Hamiltunes and The Greatest Showman. And we continue to enjoy our favorite events including the Annual Dragon Con Tea Duel, Splendid Teapot Races, the Temporal Empress’ Ballroom Dance, and the Yesteryear Lagoon Pool Party.

We are working on our content for 2021 already, we hope to see you over Labor Day!

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