Apocalypse Rising

Answering questions on the what, why, and when of the end of the world

Whether the world is ending, or you’re just trying to survive after it has, Apocalypse Rising is your one-stop shop for all things before, during, and after an apocalypse.

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Our Survival series will prepare you for the worst, with panels for every level of “prepper.” This year’s topics include “bug out bags,” practical first aid, and survival and society. Even better, you’ll have your chance to put your newly acquired survival skills to the test fending off the zombie apocalypse at this year’s Zombie Prom.

From fact to fiction, you can look forward to lively fan discussions on TV favorites such as The Walking Dead, Into the Badlands, and The Handmaid’s Tale. Not to mention we’ll also be taking a look at the best apocalypse and post-apocalyptic works of fiction, including an author led discussion on why it’s just so much fun to keep ending the world.

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