American Sci-fi Classics

Venture into the archives of nostalgia-inducing movie and TV awesomeness

The American Sci-Fi Classics Track invites you to venture into the archives of movie and TV awesomeness, from Gotham City to Spatula City and beyond.

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This year’s celebrations include Alien, the movie that taught us about unpleasant outbursts; Batman, the 1989 movie that taught us that Michael Keaton is Batman; the 1989 movie that taught us to be excellent to each other, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure; The Matrix, Galaxy Quest, and the movie that proved we don’t need no stinking badgers — the “Weird” Al Yankovic epic UHF.

Classic Sci-Fi Court will be back in session, as dauntless defenders present their cases for movies that have been unjustly accused of not being awesome.

Every year Classic Track salutes an infamous movie to support this year’s Dragon Con charity, and we will again auction off giant-sized custom made 20-sided dice that you can see in action at Roll-A-Panel, where we cover 20 classic movies in lightning-round style in one hour.

More classic years in classic sci-fi will be in focus, from 1959’s Plan 9 From Outer Space to 1984, the year we went back to the future.

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