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Concerned about threats to your digital freedoms? We are too!

The rise of filtering regimes such as the EU’s Article 15 and 17 and Facebook’s AI-based filtering, along with legislative threats such as SESTA/FOSTA and the CLOUD Act, continued assaults on Section 230, and the recent explosion of pervasive, bias-prone facial recognition, make the case that our digital rights are still in peril. As governments around the world implement tougher standards and controls on tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook, who considers the plight of the average user like you and me? We do!

Electronic Frontiers Forums covers pressing issues of the day at the intersection of technology, law, activism, and our own personal liberties. We bring together the best minds in these areas to chart our shared future and call out the dangers and risks while also highlighting the promise that the future could bring.

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For 2019, we plan to have representatives from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Access Now, Public Knowledge, and local organizations, along with practicing attorneys to discuss the latest news and issues in Internet and technology activism. Planned topics include EU Articles 15 and 17, Hacking the Census, Punishing Julian Assange, California Consumer Privacy Act, Security Pitfalls of Ballot Marking Devices, Bias in Facial Recognition, and many others. Returning favorites include Hacking 101 and 201, Webcomics,  10 Rules for Dealing with Police Encounters (Documentary), and Famous Unsolved Codes.

If you would like to offer to be a presenter or join our volunteer staff, please contact us on social media via Facebook (facebook.com/EFForums) or Twitter (@efforums).

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