• Omid Abtahi

    Omid Abtahi

  • Russ Adams

    Russ Adams

  • Ian Alexander

    Ian Alexander

  • Kevin J. Anderson

    Kevin J. Anderson

    Author of Clockwork Angels, Saga of Seven Suns, Terra Incognita, and Dune universes.
  • Dino Andrade

    Dino Andrade

  • Cooper Andrews

    Cooper Andrews

  • Sean Astin

    Sean Astin

  • Andrew Aydin

    Andrew Aydin

    #1 New York Times bestselling author and National Book Award winner
  • Dee Bradley Baker

    Dee Bradley Baker

  • Andy Belanger

    Andy Belanger

    Comic book artist of WWE Comics, Kill Shakespeare, & Southern Cross
  • Joe Benitez

    Joe Benitez

    Creator of Lady Mechanika comic book. Artist for DC & Image Comics
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt

    Lesley-Ann Brandt

  • Andy Brase

    Andy Brase

    Comic Book Cover Artist for Dark Horse & DC Comics
  • Patricia L. Briggs

    Patricia L. Briggs

    Author of the Mercy Thompson and the Alpha and Omega urban fantasy series.
  • June Brigman

    June Brigman

    Amazing comics artist! Co-creator of Power Pack.
  • Ed Brisson

    Ed Brisson

    Comic book writer of Sheltered, The Field, The Mantle, and The Violent
  • Mark Brooks

    Mark Brooks

    World famous cover artist for Marvel and DC
  • Chuck Brown

    Chuck Brown

    Eisner and Ringo award-winning comic book writer
  • Jim Butcher

    Jim Butcher

    Author of the Dresden Files, Cinder Spires, Codex Alera
  • Tom Cavanagh

    Tom Cavanagh

  • Michael Cho

    Michael Cho

    Cho is a freelance cartoonist/illustrator who has drawn for publishers including Marvel, DC, Image, Boom, among others.
  • Christina Chong

    Christina Chong

  • Claudia Christian

    Claudia Christian

  • Emily Coutts

    Emily Coutts

  • Clayton Crain

    Clayton Crain

    Renowned comic book artist who's been in the industry for 25 years. 
  •  Cruxshadows


    The Crüxshadows is America's most popular and enduring dark-wave band.
  • Wilson Cruz

    Wilson Cruz

  • Shawn Crystal

    Shawn Crystal

    Comic Book Artist of Deadpool, Arkham Manor, and Mother Panic
  • Henry Ian Cusick

    Henry Ian Cusick

  • Luisa d'Oliveira

    Luisa d'Oliveira

  • Jordan Hinson Danger

    Jordan Hinson Danger

  • Matthew Davis

    Matthew Davis

  • Sam de la Rosa

    Sam de la Rosa

    Comic book artist best known for his work on Venom among other titles
  • Jeff Dekal

    Jeff Dekal

    Comic Book Cover Artist: Iron Fist, Journey Into Mystery, and Thanos
  • Grey DeLisle

    Grey DeLisle

  • Lucien Dodge

    Lucien Dodge

  • Tim Doyle

    Tim Doyle

    Talented illustrator and print-maker
  • Colin Ferguson

    Colin Ferguson

  • Dan Fogler

    Dan Fogler

  • Quincy Fouse

    Quincy Fouse

  • Stephan Franck

    Stephan Franck

     Writer, director, comic book creator. Head animator on Marvel's What If...? and the Iron Giant.
  • Chandra Free

    Chandra Free

    Writer/Artist of The God Machine graphic novel series, and co-founder of Machina Corpse
  • Bryan Scott Fyffe

    Bryan Scott Fyffe

    Illustrator featured in Dark Horse Comics & Disney galleries
  • Juan Gedeon

    Juan Gedeon

    Comic artist known for Venom and The Jurassic League
  • Gil Gerard

    Gil Gerard

  • Lauren German

    Lauren German

  • Mandip Gill

    Mandip Gill

  • Bill Golliher

    Bill Golliher

    Archie Comics artist and writer for the past 30 years
  • Celia Rose Gooding

    Celia Rose Gooding

  • Claudia Gray

    Claudia Gray

    New York Times bestselling author and graphic novelist
  • Erin Gray

    Erin Gray

  • Neil Grayston

    Neil Grayston

  • Stephen Green

    Stephen Green

    Comic artist for Sea of Stars. Has also worked on Hellboy and The B.P.R.D.Lobster Johnson
  • Sanford Greene

    Sanford Greene

    Award winning comics artist of Power Man & Iron Fist and Bitter Root
  • Bo Hampton

    Bo Hampton

    Comic Artist know for Swamp Thing, Viking Glory, Moon Knight, among many others.
  • Yaya Han

    Yaya Han

    Costume designer, model, and cosplay entertainer 
  • Scott Hanna

    Scott Hanna

    Top Comic Book Inker for DC & Marvel Comics
  • Richard Harmon

    Richard Harmon

  • Marcus Harvey

    Marcus Harvey

  • Jeff

    Jeff "Jeffro" Headlee

  • Phil Hester

    Phil Hester

    Comic Artist/Writer Green ArrowSwamp Thing, Brave New World, Flinch, and The Wretch
  • Willa Holland

    Willa Holland

  • Tini Howard

    Tini Howard

    Comic book writer best known for her work on X-Men, Excalibur, and Thanos
  • Ryan Hurst

    Ryan Hurst

  • Mark Jackson

    Mark Jackson

  • Georges Jeanty

    Georges Jeanty

    Eisner winning artist: Buffy, Angel, Batwoman, Star Wars The High Republic, The Mandalorian
  • Paul Jenkins

    Paul Jenkins

    Artist and illustrator
  • Gary Jones

    Gary Jones

  • Omri Katz

    Omri Katz

  • Jason Keith

    Jason Keith

    Eisner Award nominated color artist
  • Matt Kindt

    Matt Kindt

    Comic book writer/artist known for MIND MGMT, BRSRKR, Super Spy and more
  • Marty Krofft

    Marty Krofft

    Television creator and puppeteer best known for shows like H.R. PufnstufLand Of The Lost, and Sigmund & the Sea Monsters
  • Steven Krueger

    Steven Krueger

    Yellowjackets, Roswell, and The Originals
  • Emma Kubert

    Emma Kubert

    Talented Comics artist. Pandora (Frank Miller Presents) Radiant Pin
  • Mike Kunkel

    Mike Kunkel

    Award winning cartoonist. Creator of Herobear and the Kid.
  • Maurice LaMarche

    Maurice LaMarche

  • Phil LaMarr

    Phil LaMarr

  • Creees Lee

    Creees Lee

    Comics Cover Artist who has worked for Image, Dynamite, and Chapterhouse Comics
  • Jae Lee

    Jae Lee

    Eisner Winning artist: Inhumans, Dark Tower, Ozymandias, Batman/ Superman
  • Mindy Lee

    Mindy Lee

    Co-creator and artist of Bounty and the artist of Crimson Lotus
  • Ben Levin

    Ben Levin

  • Todd Lockwood

    Todd Lockwood

    Artist and illustrator
  • Joe

    Joe "Huckleberry" Lott

  • Caity Lotz

    Caity Lotz

  • Jacob

    Jacob "Buck" Lowe

  • Ant Lucia

    Ant Lucia

    Comic artist and creator of DC Comics Bombshells
  • David Mack

    David Mack

    Author/artist of Kabuki, writer of Daredevil
  • Peter Macon

    Peter Macon

  • Sam Maggs

    Sam Maggs

    Sam Maggs is a bestselling author of books, comics, TV, and video games.
  • Sean Maher

    Sean Maher

  • Nicole Maines

    Nicole Maines

  • Lee Majors

    Lee Majors

  • Jason Marsden

    Jason Marsden

  • Juwan Mass

    Juwan Mass

  • Eddie McClintock

    Eddie McClintock

  • Paul McGillion

    Paul McGillion

  • Katherine McNamara

    Katherine McNamara

  • William

    William "Willy" McQuillian

  • Mark Meer

    Mark Meer

  • Erica Mendez

    Erica Mendez

  • Kayli Mills

    Kayli Mills

  • Colby Minifie

    Colby Minifie

  • Nathan Mitchell

    Nathan Mitchell

  • Bob Morley

    Bob Morley

  • Anson Mount

    Anson Mount

  • Bill

    Bill "Wild Bill" Neff

  •  Nooligan


    Artist/Graphic Designer: DC Comics Artist Alley Collectibles
  • Cary Nord

    Cary Nord

    Comic Book Artist: Daredevil, Conan, Wonder Woman, and Dynamite Comics
  • Jody Lynn Nye

    Jody Lynn Nye

    Author of Rhythm of the ImperiumMoon TracksMyth-Fits among others.
  • David Nykl

    David Nykl

  • Katy O'Brian

    Katy O'Brian

  • Adrianne Palicki

    Adrianne Palicki

  • Ande Parks

    Ande Parks

    Comic Book Artist/Writer. Green Arrow, Union Station, and Capote in Kansas
  • Khary Payton

    Khary Payton

  • Ethan Peck

    Ethan Peck

  • Billie Piper

    Billie Piper

  • Carl J. Potts

    Carl J. Potts

    Former Executive Editor at Marvel Comics
  • Freddie Prinze Jr

    Freddie Prinze Jr

  • Ed Quinn

    Ed Quinn

  • Jesse Rath

    Jesse Rath

  • Aaron Reynolds

    Aaron Reynolds

    Author of Effin' Birds
  • Mark Russell

    Mark Russell

    GLAAD and Eisner Award-winning writer of Not All Robots, The Flintstones, Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles.
  • Matt Ryan

    Matt Ryan

  • Adam Savage

    Adam Savage

  • Robert J. Sawyer

    Robert J. Sawyer

    Author of FlashForward, Starplex, Factoring Humanity, Calculating God
  • Tracy Scoggins

    Tracy Scoggins

  • Andy Serkis

    Andy Serkis

  • Vinessa Shaw

    Vinessa Shaw

  • Michael Shelfer

    Michael Shelfer

    Comics artist for over 20 years! Dune: House Harkonnen, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Elvis the Graphic Novel
  • Dietrich O Smith

    Dietrich O Smith

    Prolific comic book artist known for Superman, Spiderman, and Shaft among others.
  • Dalen Spratt

    Dalen Spratt

  • Michael A. Stackpole

    Michael A. Stackpole

    New York Times best selling author of Rogue Squadron and I, Jedi.
  • Jewel Staite

    Jewel Staite

  • Kyle Starks

    Kyle Starks

    Comics Writer DC's Peacemaker Tries Hard, I Hate This Place, Where Monsters Lie, Marvel Unleashed, Rick and Morty
  • S. M. Stirling

    S. M. Stirling

    Author of The Sea Peoples, Black Chamber, The Sky-Blue Wolves
  • William Stout

    William Stout

    American fantasy artist and illustrator.
  • Sorah Suhng

    Sorah Suhng

    Comic book writer/artist.  Creator of Karnal Sin, Karnal Confessions, and Aurora.
  •  Sway


    Comic book artist on Star WarsBlack WidowWonder Woman, and Miles Morales among others
  • George Takei

    George Takei

  • Courtenay Taylor

    Courtenay Taylor

  • Eliza Taylor

    Eliza Taylor

  • Tasya Teles

    Tasya Teles

  • Frank Todaro

    Frank Todaro

  • Gina Torres

    Gina Torres

  • Adam Tsekhman

    Adam Tsekhman

  • Chris Uminga

    Chris Uminga

    Artist/Graphic Designer: DC Comics Artist Alley Collectibles
  • Carlos Valdes

    Carlos Valdes

  • Tru Valentino

    Tru Valentino

  • Sal Velluto

    Sal Velluto

    Amazing Comic artist know for Black Panther and Marc Spector: Moon Knight.
  • Aurelio Voltaire

    Aurelio Voltaire

    Aurelio Voltaire is a performer and media personality
  • Wade von Grawbadger

    Wade von Grawbadger

    Award winning comic book inker and illustrator.  Starman, Empress, Aquaman: The Becoming.
  • Lindsay Wagner

    Lindsay Wagner

  • Garrett Wang

    Garrett Wang

  • David Weber

    David Weber

    Author of the Honor Harrington series, Empire of Man, Oath of Swords
  • Billy West

    Billy West

  • Salli Richardson Whitfield

    Salli Richardson Whitfield

  • Robert Wilson

    Robert Wilson

    Co-creator and artist of Heartthrob, Knuckleheads and Like A Virus
  • Elijah Wood

    Elijah Wood

  • DB Woodside

    DB Woodside

  • Derek Yaniger

    Derek Yaniger

    Artist known for his mid-century modern designs and rockabilly-tiki vibes
  • Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

    Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

    2023 Literary Guest of Honor, Horror Grand Master, and Author of the Saint-Germain series.
  • Timothy Zahn

    Timothy Zahn

    Author of Star Wars books and Cobra, and Dragonback.
  • Jim Zub

    Jim Zub

    Comic Book Artist/Writer. Uncanny Avengers, Skullkickers, and Wayward
  • Chrissie Zullo

    Chrissie Zullo

    Cover artist: Archie, Vampirella, Fables. Designer: DC Comics Artist Alley