• Kevin J. Anderson

    Kevin J. Anderson

    Author of Clockwork Angels, Saga of Seven Suns, Terra Incognita, and  Dune universes.
  • Dino Andrade

    Dino Andrade

    Voice actor in New Looney Tunes, World of Warcraft, Arkham Asylum
  • Asher Angel

    Asher Angel

    Actor in Jolene, Andi Mack, SHAZAM!
  • Jamie Bamber

    Jamie Bamber

    Actor known for his roles as Lee Adama on Battlestar Galactica and Detective Sergeant Matt Devlin on Law & Order: UK
  • Christopher Bivins

    Christopher Bivins

    Comic and storyboard artist of The Belko Experiment & Dragon's Lair
  • Andy Brase

    Andy Brase

    Comic Book Cover Artist for Dark Horse & DC Comics
  • Patricia L. Briggs

    Patricia L. Briggs

    Author of the Mercy Thompson and the Alpha and Omega urban fantasy series.
  • James Callis

    James Callis

    James Callis is best known for playing Dr. Gaius Baltar in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica.
  • Kathleen Coleman

    Kathleen Coleman

    Kathy Coleman starred as Holly Marshall on the NBC morning show, Land of the Lost.
  •  Creees


    Comics Cover Artist who has worked for Image, Dynamite, and Chapterhouse Comics
  • Shawn Crystal

    Shawn Crystal

    Comic Book Artist of Deadpool, Arkham Manor, & Mother Panic
  • Peter David

    Peter David

    Novelist/Comics writer: Incredible Hulk, Spider-man, and Young Justice
  • Felicia Day

    Felicia Day

    Actress best known for Dr, Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, The Guild, and Mystery Science Theatre 3000
  • Jeff Dekal

    Jeff Dekal

    Comic Book Cover Artist: Iron Fist, Journey Into Mystery, and Thanos
  • Erica Durance

    Erica Durance

    Durance is perhaps best known for her role as Lois Lane on the WB (now the CW) series Smallville.  
  • Christopher Eccleston 5282

    Christopher Eccleston

    Actor known for his role as the ninth incarnation of the Doctor in the BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who.
  • Wesley Eure

    Wesley Eure

    Eure is known for Days Of Our Lives (Michael Horton), Land of the Lost (Will Marshall), Dragon Tales, and  Finders Keepers
  • Bryan Scott Fyffe

    Bryan Scott Fyffe

    Illustrator featured in Dark Horse Comics & Disney galleries
  •  Gabo


    Gabo is an Eisner and Harvey award winner for his work in Comic Book Tattoo and Love Is Love.
  • Erin Gray

    Erin Gray

    Actress in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
  • Stephen Green

    Stephen Green

    Comic artist for Sea of Stars.  Has also worked on Hellboy and The B.P.R.D.Lobster Johnson
  • Scott Hanna

    Scott Hanna

    Top Comic Book Inker for DC & Marvel Comics
  • Jess Harnell

    Jess Harnell

    Emmy-nominated voice of Wakko Warner in Animaniacs
  • Tini Howard

    Tini Howard

    Comic book writer best known for her work on X-Men, Excalibur, and Thanos
  • Samantha Inoue-harte

    Samantha Inoue-harte

    Voice actress, anime producer, animator, and special FX makeup artist.
  • Georges Jeanty

    Georges Jeanty

    Eisner winning artist: Buffy, Angel, Batwoman, Gambit, The American Way
  • Joe Karg

    Joe Karg

    Produces the web comic ANY LAST WORDS. Illustrator on FX’s Archer, Marvel, and more.
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon

    Sherrilyn Kenyon

    Author of the Dark-Hunter and League series
  • Maurice LaMarche

    Maurice LaMarche

    Voice of Brain from "Pinky and the Brain" in Animaniacs among many other characters
  • Linda Lessmann Reinhold

    Linda Lessmann Reinhold

    Comic Book Colorist for Marvel and First Comics
  • Zachary Levi

    Zachary Levi

    Actor in SHAZAM!, Chuck, TangledThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • Matthew Lewis

    Matthew Lewis

    Rose to fame as Neville Longbottom in all eight Harry Potterâ„¢ films.
  • Jonathan Maberry

    Jonathan Maberry

    Author of V-Wars, Rot & Ruin, and Deep Silence
  • David Mack

    David Mack

    Author/artist of Kabuki, writer of Daredevil
  • Tress MacNeille

    Tress MacNeille

    Voice of Dot Warner in the Animaniacs, also appearing in Simpsons and Futurama among many others
  • Sam Maggs

    Sam Maggs

    Sam Maggs is a bestselling author of books, comics, TV, and video games.
  • Ross Marquand

    Ross Marquand

    Best known for portraying the role of Aaron on The Walking Dead
  • Eddie McClintock

    Eddie McClintock

    Actor in Warehouse 13, Bones, Better off Ted, The King of Queens
  • Mary McDonnell

    Mary McDonnell

    Mary McDonnell starred as President Laura Roslin in the Sci-Fi channel's hit series Battlestar Galactica.
  • Travis McElroy

    Travis McElroy

    Podcaster and comic book writer from The Adventure Zone
  • Mark Meer

    Mark Meer

    Voice of Commander Shepard, Blasto, the Vorcha, Niftu Cal, and more in Mass Effect
  • Rebecca Moesta

    Rebecca Moesta

    Author of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Little Things
  •  Nooligan


    Artist/Graphic Designer: DC Comics Artist Alley Collectibles
  • Jody Lynn Nye

    Jody Lynn Nye

    Author of Rhythm of the Imperium, Moon Tracks, Myth-Fits
  • Edward James Olmos

    Edward James Olmos

    Edward James Olmos is well known for his role as Admiral William Adama in Battlestar Galactica.
  • Zu Orzu

    Zu Orzu

    Zu Orzu is an artist and animator who has worked on the DC Comics series Cover
  • George Pérez

    George Pérez

    Legendary Creator: New Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, Crisis, & Avengers
  • Phillip Paley

    Phillip Paley

    Paley is best known for playing the lovable Cha-Ka on Land of The Lost.
  • James Pascoe

    James Pascoe

    Comic Book Inker/Artist for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Valiant, and Malibu
  • Rob Paulsen

    Rob Paulsen

    Emmy winner who voices some of the most well-known characters of all time, including Yakko Warner and Pinky (of Pinky and The Brain) on the Animaniacs!
  • Mark Pellegrino

    Mark Pellegrino

    Actor in Supernatural, Deter, Lost, Being Human, Quantico
  • Billie Piper

    Billie Piper

    Actress known for playing companion Rose Tyler on Doctor Who and Brona Croft in Penny Dreadful.
  • David Ramsey

    David Ramsey

    Actor in Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, The Flash, Dexter
  • Anthony Rapp

    Anthony Rapp

    Anthony Rapp is best known for his role of Mark Cohen in Rent and Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets in Star Trek: Discovery
  • Carolina Ravassa

    Carolina Ravassa

    Voice of Sombra in Overwatch. Has also worked on RDR2, GTA5, Max Payne 3, and Just Cause 4
  • Bill Reinhold

    Bill Reinhold

    Comic Book Artist who has worked for Noble Comics, First Comics, Marvel Comics, DC comics and others
  • John Romita, Jr.

    John Romita, Jr.

    Comic book artist best known for work at Marvel Comics and co-creator of Kick Ass and Hit Girl.
  • Don Rosa

    Don Rosa

    Legendary Creator of $crooge McDuck & Donald Duck comics
  • Michael Rosenbaum

    Michael Rosenbaum

    Actor best known for playing Lex Luthor on Smallville.
  • John Scalzi

    John Scalzi

    2021 Literary Guest of Honor, New York Times bestselling author, and prolific storyteller.
  • Samantha Smith

    Samantha Smith

    Actress in Supernatural, Jerry Maguire, Criminal Minds
  • Michael Stackpole

    Michael Stackpole

    New York Times best selling author of Rogue Squadron and I, Jedi.
  • William Stout

    William Stout

    2021 Artist Guest of Honor, American fantasy artist and illustrator.
  • Michael Trucco

    Michael Trucco

    Michael Trucco is best known for his role as Samuel Anders in Battlestar Galactica.
  • Laura Vandervoort

    Laura Vandervoort

    Laura Dianne Vandervoort is best known for her roles as Supergirl in the television series Smallville .
  • Aurelio Voltaire

    Aurelio Voltaire

    Performer and media personality
  • Christian Waggoner

    Christian Waggoner

    Photo-realistic Star Wars Reflection Artist
  • Garrett Wang

    Garrett Wang

    Actor in Star Trek: Voyager
  • David Weber

    David Weber

    Author of the Honor Harrington series, Empire of Man, Oath of Swords
  • Tom Welling

    Tom Welling

    Tom Welling is best known for playing Clark Kent/Superman on Smallville and recently playing the role of Marcus Pierce in the third season of Lucifer.
  • Derek Yaniger

    Derek Yaniger

    Artist known for his mid-century modern designs and rockabilly-tiki vibes
  • Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

    Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

    Horror Grand Master and Author of the Saint-Germain series.