Video Gaming

Grab your controller, joystick, or racing wheel, it's time to play!

Dragon Con Video Gaming is back for another year of panels, parties, and pedantic perspicacity.  From Coin-ops to (Call of Duty) Black Ops, if it has pixels, they have panels.

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Many of your favorite events will be returning this year, including “Bad Science in Video Games,” and panels highlighting both fan-driven content as well as information on the making of video games.  Special guests include Mark Meer, Dave Fennoy, and voice actors from many of the most popular video games including Fallout 4, Mass Effect, World of Warcraft, and more!

New for this year, the Video Gaming Track is pleased to announce more panels on Augmented and Virtual Reality gaming as well as more content surveying the most popular genres of video games such as Loot Shooters, MMOs, Otome, and Battle Royale.  The Video Gaming Track will also be presenting retrospectives on classic gaming hardware as well as celebrating the 20th anniversary of EverQuest.

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