Secrets and government cover-ups

Dragon Con’s X-Track centers around shows that focus on the paranormal with a hint of government conspiracy and Big-Brother’ish oversight. Think X-Files, Person of Interest, and Fringe. We also focus on those shows that show paranormal activities with government involvement as a positive thing. In that realm, think of Warehouse 13. And finally, we review the shows that are just a tad off, a tad odd, and seem to be a conspiracy…but we aren’t sure how…

…Because the truth is out there, polar bears can live on an island, and Eggos are the BEST food ever.

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Plan on coming to X-Track so we can discuss all our favorites, including X-Files, Stranger Things, and all the new Netflix and other shows! We can’t wait to see you…and make sure you enjoy your coffee before you contemplate.

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