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Mary Abreu
Author/seamstress Mary Abreu left an award-winning journalism career to stitch up a new career. Her first book, Little Girls, Big Style: Sew a Boutique Wardrobe from 4 Easy Patterns, was published in 2010.

David Afsharirad
David Afsharirad is editor of The Year's Best Military Science Fiction and Space Opera and fiction editor at the online lit magazine Pinball. He is also an author, and his stories have appeared in various online publications.

Tracy A. Akers
Tracy A. Akers is the multi-award winning author of The Souls of Aredyrah fantasy series. In addition to being named "a talent to celebrate" by author William F. Nolan (Logan's Run), Akers was recognized by the governor for her contribution to YA literature during the 2008 Florida Heritage Awards.

Lou Anders
Lou Anders is the author of the Thrones and Bones series, a fantasy adventure that begins with the novel Frostborn, published by Random House's Crown Books for Young Readers. He is a Hugo award winning editor and Chesley Award winning art director. Visit him online at

Stephen L. Antczak
Antczak wrote, produced, and directed the short film Not the End of the World, and he co-edited Zombiesque for DAW Books, and Clockwork Fairy Tales for ROC Books. His story "To Die a Great Death" appeared on April 2015 edition of the Perihelion Science Fiction web site.

Ben Armstrong
Twisted horror show host Ben Armstrong has an Emmy nomination for Tales from 6 Feet Under and a Telly Award for The True Netherworld Story of the Harvestman. He spends his spare time creating evil and vile scenarios for Netherworld Haunted House.

Eric R. Asher
Eric Asher is the author of the Vesik series, an urban fantasy about a necromancer named Damian and his misadventures. Eric's new steampunk serial begins late this summer, and he has also appeared on Travel Channel's Toy Hunter with Jordan Hembrough.

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Kevin Bachelder
Kevin Bachelder has been podcasting about genre TV and movies since 2005. His podcasts have won four Parsec Awards in the Best Fan Podcast category. He speaks on multiple panels at Dragon Con every year and leads the Dragon Con Newbies group.

Chuck Ballard
Chuck Ballard first became interested in stop-motion animation after seeing The Nightmare Before Christmas. He holds a bachelor of arts in communications with an emphasis on film/video production and a master of arts.

Mark Barlet
Mark is the founder and executive director of the AbleGamers Charity, a group of gamers dedicated to making sure the amazing world of video games includes people with disabilities.

Davey Beauchamp
Davey Beauchamp created Writers for Relief  series and the award nominated Amazing Pulp Adventures Radio Show. It was turned into a RPG: Scaldcrow Games and card game: Foxhammer Press. He hosts Gallifrey Pirate Radio, a podcast dedicated to Doctor Who.

Gregory S. Berns
Gregory Berns, M.D., Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Neuroeconomics, uses MRI technology to study human decision-making. He led the first team to train dogs to go into an MRI "completely awake" to decode their thoughts and feelings in How Dogs Love Us.

Evan Bernstein
Evan Bernstein is a co-host of the award-winning The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe and The Skeptics' Guide 5x5 podcasts. He serves as chapter chairman of the New England Skeptical Society and is a technical adviser for official NESS investigations.

Jenna Black
Jenna Black is the author of the Morgan Kingsley series, the Faeriewalker series, and the Guardians of the Night series, among others. She is a full-time author of fantasy, romance, and young adult fiction. She writes for Tor Teen and Pocket Books.

Ben J. Boardman
Ben Boardman is the co-creator of the digital series Star Command and co-writer and director of Suspension of Disbelief.

Professor Boggs
Silly songs of serious science! Professor Boggs performs songs that actually teach real science, on topics from Avogadro to Kepler to electricity and heat transfer. He sings original songs and the ultimate geek music!

Gwenda M. Bond
Gwenda Bond is the author of the young adult novels Lois Lane: Fallout and Girl on a Wire, among others. She has also written for the Los Angeles Times, Locus, and Publishers Weekly.

Jon Boutelle
Jon Boutelle has been hosting and producing podcasts for nine years. He’s a host of 50 Days of Dragon Con, a podcast dedicated to the directors, staff, and people of Dragon Con. He’s also on Need Coffee's Weekend Justice and The Unique Geek.

Brian D. Bradley
Brian Bradley is a television writer, producer, and actor. He's written and produced for MADtv, Scrubs, Happy Endings, and the upcoming ABC series Uncle Buck. He co-founded the hit show 5 Truths and a Lie. His acting credits include Scrubs and Angel.

Bill Bridges
Bill Bridges is an award-winning writer and narrative designer of numerous games. He was one of the original developers of White Wolf’s World of Darkness and is the co-creator and developer of the Fading Suns science-fiction universe.

John Bridges
John Bridges is a concept artist in the game industry. His experiences include SMITE at Hi-Rez Studios, Lichdom: Battlemage at Xaviant, and World of Darkness MMO for CCP Games, a game setting he's been involved with from the earliest days.

Keith Brooks
Keith Brooks is an actor, writer, and director. An Atlanta native, he is most known for his work on The Walking Dead, Constantine, The ABC'S Of Death 2, and Stan Lee's Bean Dip Explains it All.

Matthew J. Brown
Matthew J. Brown, Ph.D is a professional scholar of comics and popular culture and a professor of philosophy at The University of Texas at Dallas. He has organized an academic conference at Dragon Con since 2008.

Clint Brownlee
Clint Brownlee has been a paranormal investigator for the past eight years and is the director and a founding member of Paranormal Georgia Investigations. He’s lectured on professionalism, electronic voice phenomena, and photographic evidence.

Raychelle Marie Burks
Raychelle is a chemist and researcher in academia. A blerd in the Ivory Tower, she often makes a tower break to talk about the science behind pop-culture. She also smuggles pop-culture into the classroom.

Laura A. Burns
Laura Burns has been a contract engineer on NASA missions since 1998. In 2007, she spent the summer Beijing at the International Space University and has returned to ISU as a guest lecturer. She is the head of the Parsec Awards steering committee.

Dan Bush
Dan Bush is a director, writer, producer, and editor. In 2007, he co-directed The Signal. His sci-fi thriller, The Reconstruction of William Zero, was released in theaters and VOD in April. Currently, Bush is working on The Dark Red and The Trust.

Erin Leigh Bushko
Erin Bushko is an actor, the head of Dogwood Motion Picture Costumes, and the co-founder and lead costume designer for Penny Dreadful Productions. She’s designed for, and acted, in The Secret Garden, and she has appeared in AMC's The Walking Dead.

Peter “Bustagoo” Brown is a passionate gamer. After working in gaming retail for two years, he founded his own online retail company Digital Veda Games. In the four years that followed, the company has grown to celebrate all things in the gaming culture.

David A. Byers
David Byers is a paranormal educator who infuses the paranormal with genealogy research and lectures in the southeast on how to incorporate the two. He’s been featured in the documentary Day Trip and filmed the pilot for American Ghost Towns for PBS.

Richard Lee Byers
Richard Lee Byers is the author of numerous fantasy and horror novels, including Blind God's Bluff, The Reaver, and Called to Darkness. He created the post-apocalyptic superhero series, The Impostor, and he also writes short fiction.

Shannon Faye Byers
Shannon Byers is a paranormal educator who infuses the paranormal with genealogy research and lectures in the southeast on how to incorporate the two. She’s been featured in the documentary Day Trip and filmed the pilot for American Ghost Towns for PBS.

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Lee "Fev" Camara
Lee “Fev” Camara is a self taught prop maker, sculptor, and illustrator. She’s been building props and costuming since 2000 and has been featured in Electronic Gaming Monthly, Playstation Magazine, and the documentary Cosplay: Crafting a Secret Identity.

James L. Cambias
James L. Cambias is a science fiction writer and game designer. He wrote the novels Corsair and A Darkling Sea, both from Tor. He co-founded Zygote Games, and he has written several GURPS and HERO system books.

Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell is a lead level designer at BioWare Montreal and works on the next entry to the Mass Effect franchise. Campbell’s previous titles include Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends, and the Xbox Live title Catan.

Nancy Capps
Nancy Capps has been involved in paranormal investigating for over a decade and has been with Paranormal Georgia Investigations for about three years. She started as an open minded skeptic, but her experiences led her into believing and a thirst for more.

Raymond Daniel Carr
Raymond Carr has been a puppeteer, filmmaker, and designer for more than 15 years. He’s a puppeteer for Lazytown, Walking with Dinosaurs: North American Tour, Georgia Aquarium, and Dropbox. He has written and directed a dozen award winning films.

Alison Carrier
Alison Carrier is UI/UX Designer for Red Crow Austin, a mobile game studio created by Electronic Arts. Her most recent work has been The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

Corey Castellano
Corey Castellano has been a professional makeup artist for over 20 years. His genre credits include Sleepy Hollow, Teen Wolf, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, War of the Worlds, The PrestigeZombieland, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Chance Chancellor
Chance Chancellor is an award-winning leather artisan who has been a leather instructor for 11 years. He has taught well over 2,200 hours of leather classes that range in topic from the mundane to the otherworldly.

Blair B. Chintella
Blair B. Chintella is one of the few attorneys in Georgia who has defended against "copyright troll" cases involving the BitTorrent protocol. He continues to follow First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment issues.

John Cmar
John Cmar, MD, is Director of Infectious Diseases at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore and an instructor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University. He the regular monthly co-host of Midday On Health with Dan Rodericks.

KyL T Cobb
KyL T. Cobb serves a historical researcher, paranormal investigator, and demonologist and is dedicated to unraveling historic mysteries. His new book is Ghosts and Demons: The Lost Things.

Molly Coffee
Molly Coffee has made a long career out of prop fabrication, set design, and building puppets for television and film. She co-cohosts the podcast Atlanta Film Chat with Charles Thomas.

Adam Cogan
Adam Cogan is design director at Spark Plug Games and leads the design and story development of Firefly Online. His past credits include Robotech: Battlecry, inFAMOUS 2, and Kingdoms of Amalur.

Myke Cole
Myke Cole is the author of the military fantasy Shadow Ops trilogy (Control Point, Fortress Frontier, and Breach Zone). His fourth novel is Gemini Cell.

Pamela A. Cole
Pamela Cole is a costumier who is head of costuming for Atlanta's Capitol City Opera Company and works with dance companies, movies, museums, and re-enactors in the Atlanta area.

Brenda Jean Cooper
Brenda Cooper writes science fiction and fantasy. Her most recent novel is Edge of Dark, with a short fantasy collection and slightly longer science fiction collection forthcoming. She is also a technology professional and a futurist.

L. Andrew Cooper
L. Andrew Cooper is a horror writer and film scholar. His work includes the novels Burning the Middle Ground and Descending Lines. He directs the Film and Digital Media Studies program at the University of Louisville.

Katie Correll
Katie Correll is a roboticist and puppeteer best known for her appearance on Season 2 of King of the Nerds.

Madison J. Cripps
A professional puppeteer since 2006, Madison J, Cripps brings his unique hand-carved wooden marionettes to life with song, improvised interaction, and puns.

Lindsay Cummings
Lindsay Cummings is the author of Young Adult and Middle Grades science fiction and fantasy books, including The Murder Complex duology and the Balance Keepers trilogy.

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Leah D'Andrea
Leah D'Andrea is an actress whose credits include Paul with Simon Pegg and Boulevard with Robin Williams. She also works as a seamstress specializing in gown alterations but has a passion for wig making.

J.C. Daniels
Writing as J.C. Daniels, Shiloh Walker is author of the award-winning urban fantasy series The Colbana Files. She is well-acquainted with the term hybrid, using digital-first, traditional and self-publishing platforms.

Ben Davis
Dr. Ben Davis is a former college professor of mathematics, programming, astronomy, and physics who has a successful career in software and engineering and an interest in history, futurism and skepticism.

Milton J. Davis
Milton Davis is a writer/publisher of speculative fiction books that represent people of color in a positive manner, focusing on "Sword and Soul" and Steamfunk titles.

Delilah S. Dawson
Delilah S. Dawson is the writer of the Blud series, including Wicked as She Wants. Other works include the Young Adult Southern gothic horror novel Servants of the Storm and the predystopian Hit.

Joe M. Deese
Joe M. Deese is a freelance costumer and wardrobe director for Global Effects Inc., where he focuses his talents on the art of specialty garment design and construction for film and television. 

Lali DeRosier
Science teacher and education blogger Lali DeRosier (aka Adverbia) promotes youth involvement in science with her co-hosts in the Curly Hair Mafia.

J.L. Doty
J.L. "Jim" Doty is a sci-fi/fantasy author, scientist, and laser geek. His books include the Child of the Sword series and the The Dead Among Us series. 

Barbara A. Drescher
Barbara A. Drescher promotes science and skepticism at and contributes to Insight at, Virtual Skeptics, and The Odds Must Be Crazy.

Jordan T. Duncan
Jordan T. Duncan is an assistant director with Paranormal Georgia Investigations and has been investigating the paranormal for almost eight years.

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Jennifer Estaris
Jennifer Estaris is a game designer and writer who creates games for kids at Nickelodeon, Disney, Atari, Majesco, Fuel Youth, and other companies.

Richard Estep
Paramedic and paranormal investigator Richard Estep is the author of In Search of the Paranormal and has been a ghost hunter for nearly 20 years.

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Tim Farley
Tim Farley is a computer security professional who writes, podcasts, and lectures about critical thinking and misinformation on the Internet. He's known for his website What's the Harm, which catalogs cases where people have been hurt by bad information.

Timothy Farrell
Timothy Farrell is an animator on the television show Archer and compositing director on Chozen and Unsupervised. Other credits include Squidbillies, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Ken Feinberg
Ken Feinberg is an award-winning filmmaker also known as The Chaos Demon from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He played an Alien Captain on the series Star Trek Enterprise and the Kevmay Demon on Charmed.

Susan Fichtelberg
Susan Fichtelberg is author of Encountering Enchantment: A Guide to Speculative Fiction for teens. She has served as a speaker at national conferences about science fiction and fantasy for children, young adults, and adults. 

HiRez Fish
Daniel Fishman (HiRezFish) is a game designer for the multiplayer online battle arena game Smite from HiRez Studios.

Rob Fitz
Rob Fitz is a professional makeup artist and film director with 20 years of experience. He has worked on films including American Hustle, The Equalizer, and Ted 2 and won several awards for his feature film Blessid.

Larry Flaxman
Larry Flaxman is a paranormal investigator and bestselling author of books such as 11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon: The Meaning Behind Mysterious SignsSequences and Synchronicities.

Tom Fleming
Tom is a 4 time Chesley Award nominee and has worked for almost every major co. in the comic book and gaming industry: Marvel,DC,Magic,WOW,Heavy Metal.

Dustin M. Fletcher
Dustin M. Fletcher is a costumer for film and television focusing on the superhero and horror genres. His credits include Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Captain America: Civil War, Goosebumps, Constantine, and Powers.

John L. Flynn
Dr. John L. Flynn is an author, screenwriter, and three-time Hugo nominee. His novel trilogy Intimate Bondage, Intimate Disclosure, and Intimate Denial are erotic thrillers with sci-fi elements.

Evan Fowler
Evan Fowler is an award-winning screenwriter, actor, and stand-up comedian. His first feature film, Good Grief Suicide Hotline, received the Homegrown Award at the Atlanta Film Festival.

Anthony Francis
By day, Anthony Francis works on search engines and robots; by night, he writes science fiction and draws comic books. He is author of the Dakota Frost, Skindancer series and co-author of the 24 Hour Comic Day Survival Guide.

Ian S. Frazier
Ian Frazier is the lead designer at BioWare Montreal, where he works on the next entry in the Mass Effect franchise. His previous titles include Titan Quest, Dawn of War: Soulstorm, and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Michael D. French
Michael French is the co-founder of RetroBlasting, a video channel that analyzes and deconstructs cartoons and toys of the '80s.

Peter H. Friedman
Peter H. Friedman specializes in legal issues related to gaming, medical marijuana, virtual currency, e-commerce, indirect taxation, tax litigation support, and US and international tax compliance.

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Paige Gardner
Paige Gardner is an award-winning costume designer whose eccentric masks, bizarre props and original costumes make her art recognizable worldwide. Her work has been featured in multiple media channels and bestselling books on Steampunk and cosplay.

Ronald Thomas Garner
Ronald T. Garner is the CEO of Silence in the Library Publishing and a major in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. He has short fiction published in various anthologies and is an expert in the field of crowd funding.

Jaym Gates
Jaym Gates is an editor, author, and communications director for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Michael Gilkey
Michael Gilkey is director of strategic partnerships for the National Center for Regenerative Medicine and CEO of Trailhead Biosystems who works with with Edheads, a provider of online education tools, on web-based education modules about stem cells.

Thomas Michael Gofton
Thomas Michael Gofton started Lynnvander before producing the award-winning The Gamers films, Natural One, and Hands of Fate. He created many tabletop games, including Albion's Legacy, Deep 5, and Sherwood's Legacy.

Stacey Gordon
Stacey Gordon is an improviser and puppeteer who's been building puppets, teaching, and performing in Puppet Slams since 2001. She puppeteers on the webseries The Bob & Angus Show.

Donna Governor
Dr. Governor is a science teacher with more than 30 years of experience and executive director of the Georgia Science Teachers Association. Honors include 2014 Georgia Outstanding Earth Science Teacher.

Fred J. Grant
Fred Grant is an independent film director/producer known for directing Dekiru: The Three Stones, which won Best Independent at the 2015 Georgia Entertainment Gala. Other credits include Elf on the Shelf, VHS: Viral, +1, and Invasion of the Undead.

Brian Green
Brian Green (Psychochild) is an experienced online game developer who edited the book Business & Legal Primer for Game Development and blogs about game development at

Andrew Greenberg
Andrew Greenberg, co-creator of Fading Suns and original developer of Vampire: The Masquerade, has developed numerous traditional and digital games. His other credits include Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, Warhammer 40K: Final Liberation, and Noble Armada.

Melissa Grey
Melissa Grey's debut novel, The Girl at Midnight, is the first book in a Young Adult fantasy trilogy. Her work has appeared in IGN, Starburst Magazine, Bloody Disgusting, and Engadget.

Michelle Griffin
For more than a decade, Michelle Griffin has been pursuing the connection between the spiritual, metaphysical, and paranormal philosophies. She is the founder of Through The Veil Productions.

Daniel Griffith
Daniel Griffith is owner of Ballyhoo Motion Pictures and a documentary filmmaker specializing in cult cinema and retro-television. He has produced and directed features about Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Twilight Zone, Empire Pictures, and Ed Wood.

Nicole Gugliucci
Known as the "NoisyAstronomer," Dr. Nicole Gugliucci is an astronomer, writer, educator, skeptic, maker-of-tiny-comets, and geek who has made it her mission to study and share the universe.

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Torey P. Haas
Torey Haas is an independent filmmaker whose first feature film is Invasion of the Undead. He is also a visual effects artist whose credits include V/H/S: Viral and The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie.

David Haddock
David Haddock is the lead writer on Star Citizen, Chris Roberts' epic space sim.

Gordon L. Hall
Gordon L. Hall is a senior software engineer at BitPay who passionate about using technology as a means for protecting personal liberty.

Lloyd E. N. Hall
Lloyd E. N. Hall is a semi-retired trial attorney and the first Georgia attorney on the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Kink-Aware Professionals Alternative Lifestyles referral list.

Valerie Hampton
Dr. Valerie Hampton is a history professor who founded the American Society for Neo-Medievalism and speaks often at academic conferences on the intersection between popular fantasy and medieval history.

David Harmer
David S. Harmer is a disaster preparedness consultant and author of Survival Weapons and Techniques, Aftermath! Cybele, Disaster Survivor's Guide, Aftermath! Survival Guide, Aftermath! Magic!, and Aftermath! Technology!

Ian Harris
Ian Harris is a nationally touring comedian and speaker on critical thinking known for the Hour TV special Critical & Thinking.

John G. Hartness
John G. Hartness is the author of the urban fantasy series The Black Knight Chronicles and the Bubba the Monster Hunter short stories. He is also the host of the Literate Liquors podcast.

Darrell C. Hazelrig
Darrell C. Hazelrig is an award-winning filmmaker, co-founder of the New Puppet Order, and 2015 Atlanta Film Festival Filmmaker in Residence. Edgor & Izzy, his debut feature film, will premiere in 2016.

Jeff Heimbuch
Jeff Heimbuch has been a Disney historian for almost 15 years. He co-hosts the popular theme park podcast Communicore Weekly and has written two books. Main Street Windows and It's Kind of a Cute Story, with former Imagineer Rolly Crump.

Steve Hill
Steve Hill performs as an activist all across the United States. With an extremely keen sense of humor, he hits the stage with a stand-up performance that enables people to see relevant issues from a funny but drastically different perspective.

Amanda Erickson (HiRezAmanda) is the community manager for the multiplayer online battle arena game SMITE and the creator of the video game fashion blog Console to Closet.

Jason Hodges
Jason Hodges is a contestant on Season 7 of SyFy's Face Off. He is one of the lead make up effects artists at Chambers of Horror and owns and operates Undead Forest Studios.

Jim Hodgson
Jim Hodgson is the world's only adventure humorist. He is editor in chief of The Atlanta Banana, a Dirge Magazine contributor, and author of the sci-fi novel Dangerous Dan.

Kenneth Mark Hoover
Kenneth Mark Hoover is the author of the dark/horror Western novel Haxan, and his fiction has appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Strange Horizons.

Mike Horner
Mike Horner is a professional puppeteer and puppet builder who created of Timey Wimey Puppet Show, a Doctor Who–themed puppet parody. He is associate artistic director with the Mesner Puppet Theater in Kansas City.

John Hudgens
John Hudgens is a filmmaker, animator, and artist who has directed documentaries and several award-winning Star Wars parody films, and worked on licensed properties including Babylon 5, Crimson Skies, MechWarrior, and Star Wars.

Walter H. Hunt
Walter H. Hunt is a science fiction and historical fiction author with six published novels and several more forthcoming.

Sarah Hunter
Sarah Hunter is a professional model, actress, performer, and cosplayer best known for her Steampunk character Lady Clankington, proprietress of Lady Clankington’s Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities.

Tom Hutchens
Tom Hutchens is founder/CEO of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. He specializes in the creation of hyper-realistic Star Wars costumes/props, has helped collaborate on various Star Wars books, and is a regular contributor at

Shaun David Hutchinson
Shaun David Hutchinson is the author of Young Adult novels The Deathday Letter, fml, The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley, and We Are the Ants. He also edited Violent Ends, an anthology about a school shooter.

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Sascha Illyvich
Sascha Illyvich is the author of over 50 titles in a variety of subgenres. He is also Managing Imprint Editor for Ardent Books, the erotic division of Assent Publishing, and Imprint Editor at Sizzler Editions.

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Chris A. Jackson
Chris A. Jackson is an author of fantasy fiction including Pirate's Promise, Sweating Bullets, and Weapon of Fear, book one of the Weapon of Fear Trilogy.

Ben Jacobs
Ben Jacobs is the Accommodations specialist at Tools for Life, Georgia's Assistive Technology program, at Georgia Tech, an expert in video game accessibility, and an advocate for the need for recreational outlets for people with disabilities.

John Hornor Jacobs
John Hornor Jacobs, is an award-winning author of genre-bending adult and Young Adult fiction including Southern Gods, which was shortlisted for the Bram Stoker Award, and the forthcoming Foreign Devils.

Stuart Jaffe
Stuart Jaffe is author of The Max Porter Paranormal-Mysteries, The Malja Chronicles, the Gillian Boone novels, The Bluesman comic book and short story series, and co-host of The Eclectic Review, a weekly podcast about science, art, and more.

Allen Johnson
Allen Johnson is a professional screenwriter and fight choreographer. His screenwriting credits include The Freemason. He has three other films in pre-production, has written several stage plays, and has staged fights for theater and independent films.

Catherine Lee Jones
Catherine Jones is an award-winning seamstress and owner of GSTQ Fashions. She appeared as a featured cosplayer in the documentary Cosplay: Crafting a Secret Identity and as a judge on Syfy's Heroes of Cosplay.

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Richard Kadrey
Richard Kadrey is the New York Times bestselling author of the Sandman Slim supernatural noir books. Some of his other books include Metrophage, Butcher Bird, Dead Set, Kamikaze L’Amour, and the graphic novel Accelerate.

Kato is a young, British entrepreneur and one of the most recognizable faces in Steampunk. Making her mark over a decade ago by launching the world's first Steampunk clothing company, she went on to launch several businesses and brands under her S Corp, Lambee Co.

Nadia Kayyali
Nadia Kayyali is a member of EFF’s activism team whose work focuses on surveillance, national security policy, and the intersection of criminal justice, racial justice, and digital civil liberties issues.

Audrey Kearns
Audrey Kearns is a writer, actor, and produce who founded the geek/pop culture website Geek Girl Authority and the hit storytelling show 5 Truths and a Lie. She hosts the interview podcast Kneel Before Aud.

Bethany Kesler
Bethany Kesler is a writer and historian, with a primary focus in the Crusades and Renaissance and a secondary focus on the Cold War era.

Andrea Mast Kessel
Andrea Mast Kessel is a makeup artist and educator whose work includes traditional and special effects/fantasy makeup for stage, television, film, fashion, editorial, commercial, and runway. 

Christina N. Kieffer
Christina Kieffer is a paranormal researcher with Paranormal Georgia Investigations. She has a master's degree in ecology and uses her scientific knowledge in her paranormal research.

Roy Kilgard
Dr. Roy Kilgard is an astrophysicist who researches black holes in nearby galaxies, with an emphasis on intermediate-mass black holes, and lectures on astronomy in science fiction and pop culture.

Brett King
Brett King is an award-winning Steampunk maker and costumer who teaches prop-making techniques and presents fun, interactive panels that mix real history, alternate history, and fantastic props.

Deidre Kitcher
Deidre Kitcher is a film producer and writer who has established Filmscope Entertainment as a leading Australian film production company, with a focus on making quality genre films for worldwide audiences. 

Konora the Klingon
Hannah Hoyt (Konora the Klingon) is the first Earth-based Klingon opera singer. She is dedicated to translating and performing classic opera repertoire so audiences can hear it in the "original" Klingon.

Artix Von Krieger
Adam Bohn (Artix Von Krieger) is the founder and CEO of Artix Entertainment, which makes web games including AdventureQuest Worlds, AdventureQuest, DragonFable, MechQuest, EpicDuel, and Battle Gems.

Bonnie Kunzel
Bonnie Kunzel is a retired young adult librarian who loves to read and talk about books. Her publishing credits include Strictly Science Fiction, Fluent in Fantasy, and Tamora Pierce among others.

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David Ladyman
David has edited, developed, and created games and game books for four decades, including EverQuest, Star Wars Galaxies, and other MMOs. He publishes Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen magazine, Jump Point, and new ship brochures.

Matthew Laird
Matthew Robert C. Laird is a designer, fabricator, and puppeteer who works as the assistant supervisor of the Fabrication and Finishing shop at Animax Designs.

Roger Lang
Roger Lang is a patent attorney whose practice focuses on patent and trademark prosecution. His technological experience includes medical devices, telecommunications, consumer appliances, agricultural equipment, and router and server technologies.

Chris Lee
Chris Lee an award-winning Steampunk prop maker and founder of the Apparition Abolishers.

Monika Lee
Monika Lee is an award-winning cosplay veteran who has collaborated with companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Carbine Studios, Intel, and Ubisoft. She was recently a featured cast member on SyFy's Heroes of Cosplay.

Jeff M. Leininger
Jeff M. Leininger is founder and owner of Robot Costumes USA. He, along with his team, has been producing award-winning costumes for 15 years worldwide.

Rob Levy
Rob Levy is the writer of the Dr. Wholigan blog, podcaster/writer for, and occasional contributing guest podcaster for Earth Station Who. He is also a music, film, and pop culture writer for Eleven Magazine.

J.F. Lewis
J.F. Lewis is the internationally published author of the Void City series and The Grudgebearer Trilogy.

Ben Lichius
Ben Lichius is a 17-year veteran of the video game industry and has worked on such titles as Robotech: Battlecry and Robotech: Invasion. He is vice president of Spark Plug Games, developing Firefly Online.

Kelly Lockhart
Kelly Lockhart is a newspaper and book editor, musician, actor, screenwriter, founder of Robot Battles, longtime radio and TV guy, amateur chef, and social media junkie.

Talloolah Love
Talloolah Love is an award-winning performer, producer, podcaster, and teacher. She is the matron of the Burlesque Atlanta Society and one of the contributing authors of The Steampunk's Guide to Sex.

Courtney Lytle
Courtney Lytle is a practicing intellectual property and corporate attorney and author of a recent law school text book on intellectual property and several academic articles. 

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David Maass
Dave Maass is an investigative researcher and activist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a journalist who has written for alt weeklies across the Southwest.

Moxie Anne Magnus
Lt. Moxie Anne Magnus is the chief xenocosmetologist on the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk. She performs live, does a video podcast, and has her own webcomic.

Mike Malloy
Genre film journalist turned filmmaker, actor, and on-camera personality Mike Malloy created Django Lives, Plastic Movies Rewound, and Eurocrime! and has also been involved in Samurai Cop 2, Hi-8, The Scarlet Worm, and Hot Lead Hard Fury.

Anya Martin
Anya Martin has stories in Cthulhu Fhtagn!, Giallo Fantastique, Resonator: New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond, Cassilda's Song, and Xnoybis #2. "Stuffed Bunny in Doll-Land," her dark comics fable with artist Mado Peña, appeared in Womanthlogy: Heroic.

Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez is the author of Parma Endorion, Visualizing Middle-earth, Understanding Middle-earth, and Mindfaring through Middle-earth. He has written hundreds of articles for fans of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Michael J. Martinez
Michael J. Martinez is the author of the historical-fantasy/space-opera Daedalus trilogy: The Daedalus Incident, The Enceladus Crisis, and The Venusian Gambit.

Jason Massey
Jason Massey is a podcaster who hosts the live-play Dungeons and Randomness. He has written for the show since the beginning and created a "living" world inhabited by over 25 player-characters and over 100 NPCs.

Angela F. Mattke
Angela F. Mattke is a skeptical emergency physician with a passion for protecting patients from pseudoscience and alternative medicine scams.

Jon McCoy
Jon McCoy is a documentary filmmaker, paranormal investigator, and case manager of The Canadian Paranormal Society. He hosts Paranormal Swamp Talk on Z Talk Radio and has been published in The Spectral Times.

Laurenn McCubbin
Laurenn McCubbin has illustrated comics and graphic novels for McSweeneys Publishing, Marvel Comics, Vertigo, Last Gasp and Dark Horse. She co-created the graphic novel Rent Girl with writer Michelle Tea. 

Charles McFall
Podcasting since 2004, Charles McCall has been a consultant in community building and is co-host of Success Freaks and From the Helicarrier. He is also technical producer for Entrepreneur Radio.

Maryn McKenna
Maryn McKenna is an award-winning journalist and author who writes about science, food, and scary diseases.

Melinda R. Mock
Melinda Mock is co-founder of RetroBlasting, a video channel that analyzes and deconstructs cartoons and toys of the '80s.

Johnny Monsarrat
Inventor of the Massive Multiplayer Online game in 1994 as Founder and first CEO of Turbine, which Warner Brothers acquired for $160M. Games include Asheron's Call, Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons & Dragons Online, and Infinite Crisis.

Sharon Morgan
Sharon Morgan is the owner of Altered Tyme Corsets and a corset maker with Romantasy Exquisite Corsetry. She is costume studio supervisor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Blake Myers
Blake Myers is a fixture in the Atlanta film community as both a filmmaker and designer, specializing in blood and special effects makeup. His credits include Blood Car, Yellowbrickroad, and V/H/S (Amateur Night).

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Bobby Nash
Bobby Nash is an award-winning author of novels, comic books, short prose, graphic novels, and screenplays.

John Ngoc Nguyen
John Nguyen is a CGI animator currently at Hi-Rez Studios, where he has contributed to the hit multiplayer online battle arena video game Smite.

Jeremy Tyce Nichols
Jeremy Nichols is the tech manager for Paranormal Georgia Investigations and an educator. He blends his passions for both fields to ease the minds of clients.

Jennifer May Nickel
Jennifer May Nickel is costume designer for The CW's Containment and has over a decade of experience as a costume designer for film, television, web, and theater. 

John-Paul Nickel
John-Paul Nickel is an award-winning independent filmmaker and an Off-Broadway playwright. He has written for Syfy's Warehouse 13 and Amazon's Just Add Magic. He is also an actor for the web based sketch comedy troupe SMBC Theater.

Sarah Nicolas
Sarah Nicolas is author of the Young Adult contemporary fantasy Dragons are People, Too and writes adult romance as Aria Kane.

Travis (Noble) is a huge anime and Japanese culture fanatic whose science fiction and anime credentials include anime and video game reviews for various websites, including Digital Veda Games.

Corvis Nocturnum
Eric Vernor, aka Corvis Nocturnum, is an author, publisher, and lecturer who has written books on popular culture subjects ranging from vampires and zombies to the Devil. He has been a consultant for A&E's Paranormal State.

Laura Liddell Nolen
Laura Liddell Nolen is author of the Young Adult dystopian science fiction novel The Ark.

Bob Novella
Bob Novella is co-host of the award-winning Skeptics' Guide to the Universe podcast and science blogger.

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Sam Ortega
Sam Ortega  oversees NASA’s Centennial Challenges Program, NASA’s series of technology prize competitions to stimulate innovation in technologies of interest to NASA and the country.

Chantelle Aimée Osman
Chantelle Aimée Osman is a freelance editor and and creative consultant, as well as a published author of mystery flash fiction and short stories and the six-volume non-fiction Quick and Dirty Guide To... series on writing. Find out more at

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James Palmer
James Palmer is an award-nominated author and editor of science fiction, New Pulp, and space opera.  He is best known as the co-creator of the award-nominated alternate history giant monster anthology series Monster Earth.

Lauren Panepinto
As the creative director of Orbit Books and Yen Press for the past seven years, Lauren Panepinto has designed and art directed hundreds of sci-fi/fantasy book covers and graphic novels.

Thomas Parham
Dr. Thomas Parham has contributed chapters to Hollywood Chemistry: When Science Met Entertainment, The Gospel According to Super-Heroes: Religion and Popular Culture, and Behind the Screen: Hollywood Insiders on Faith, Film, and Culture.

Teresa Patterson
Teresa Patterson's work includes The World of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, The World of Shannara with Terry Brooks, No Quarter with Robert Asprin, and Combat Corpsman with Navy SEAL Greg McPartlin.

Sean M. Patton
Sean Michael Patton is a 20-year veteran costumer and principal for SMP Designs. He has designed more than 40 stage productions, eight short films, and five feature films and specializes in pieces for film, television, and media.

Penina is a gamer, an artist, and a cosplay enthusiast. She helped her friend Peter found his own online retail company Digital Veda Games, providing graphics, website updates, booth design, and managing the company’s social media.

Phoenicia has been a belly dancer since 1983, first as a troupe member, then solo performer and finally a teacher. In addition to Cabaret, Ethnic, Tribal, and Fusion belly dance styles, she is also a nationally certified ballroom dance instructor. 

Cindy Pon
Cindy Pon is the author of Chinese-inspired fantasies Silver Phoenix, Fury of the Phoenix, and Serpentine. She is the co-founder of Diversity in YA with Malinda Lo and an advisor on the We Need Diverse Books board.

Shawn Porter
Shawn Porter appears on the new season of Ghost Hunters and is a leading tech investigator in the paranormal field. He is the owner of GhostStop, the go-to workshop for ghost hunting gear.

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James Hugh Reeves
James Hugh Reeves is the author of The Extraordinary Adventures of Ultra-Chick children's series, a sci fi/fantasy adventure in which Ultra-Chick protects both the human and animal population of Earth.

Alison Sky Richards
Alison Sky Richards is a self-published author of A Fine Line: Herrick's Tale and Lost Child of Hermes. She has spent the last five Dragon Cons teaching aspiring writers an important author survival skill: what not to do.

Chris Rickwood
Chris Rickwood is a composer known for creating dramatic musical scores for videogames. His credits include Smite, Age of Empires Online, Orcs Must Die!, Ghostbusters: The Videogame, and Tribes: Ascend.

T.S. Rider
An artist and writer, T.S. Rider has been working on making quality handmade wands from naturally sourced materials. She has also had two short stories published. 

Gray Rinehart
Gray Rinehart writes stories and songs. His stories have appeared in major magazines and anthologies, and his songs have appeared on The Dr. Demento Show. He is the "Slushmaster General" for Baen Books.

Tedd Roberts

Dr. Tedd Roberts is the scientist behind the science fiction at Baen Books. A neuroscientist with 35 years' experience in laboratory and clinical research, he writes science articles and short fiction for the sci-fi/fantasy audience.

Linda Robertson
Linda Robertson is the author of six novels in the Persephone Alcmedi series. She blogs and gives workshops about the craft of writing.

Louis John Robinson
During a 35-year career with the BBC, Louis John Robinson began as a film editor and ended as a producer and scriptwriter and on-air performer. He is now a performing singer-songwriter.

Justin Rojas
As FUNimation's front man, Justin Rojas works with the marketing team to strategize promotions for hundreds of titles, from Fullmetal Alchemist to Dragon Ball Z.

Romily is an MMO gamer, software analyst, machinima director/producer, and voice actor. She has done voice work for Slashdance, Coded Transmission Studios, and Star Wars Uncut: The Empire Strikes Back.

Meredith Rose
Meredith Rose is a staff attorney at Public Knowledge, where she focuses on copyright and telecommunications matters.

Madeleine Roux
Madeleine Roux is the New York Times bestselling author of the Asylum series, Allison Hewitt Is Trapped, and Sadie Walker Is Stranded.

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Steve Saffel
Steve Saffel is a senior acquisitions editor at Titan Books, acquiring original science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime fiction, art books, and media tie-ins such as Alien, Planet of the Apes, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Mass Effect.

Peter Adam Salomon
Peter Adam Salomon's debut novel, Henry Franks, was named a Book All Young Georgians Should Read by The Georgia Center For The Book. His second novel, All Those Broken Angels, has been nominated for the Bram Stoker Award.

Scicurious (Bethany Brookshire) is a neuroscientist and award-winning science writer at Science News and Eureka! Lab. She's written for Slate, The Guardian, and Scientific American and appeared on radio shows like Science for the People.

Catherine M. Scully
Catherine M. Scully is the Young Adult editor for the Horror Writers Association and runs the blog Scary Out There with Jonathan Maberry. She's a published illustrator and an agented Middle Grades/Young Adult author.

David S. Serchay
David Serchay is a librarian and writer whose works include The Librarian's Guide to Graphic Novels for Children and Tweens and The Librarian's Guide to Graphic Novels for Adults.

Mike Shoemaker
Mike Shoemaker has been writing for the comic book industry since 1990, charting the adventures of such well-known properties as Galaxina, Razor, Stryke, Tommi Gunn, and Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.

Aron Siegel
Aron Siegel is a producer and sound mixer whose work includes Implanted, Quarantine 2, The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, Blood Car, The Signal, and 20 Years After.

Tamsin L. Silver
Tamsin L. Silver is author of the Young Adult urban fantasy series Windfire and created and wrote the horror web series Skye of the Damned.

David Silverman
David Silverman is president of American Atheists and was the creator and executive producer of the 2012 Reason Rally. His book Fighting God: An Atheist Manifesto for a Religious World is forthcoming.

Shane Simek
Shane Simek studies security and special warfare and has been serving as a deputy sheriff and involved in law enforcement in Ohio for 15 years.

Lane Skye
Lane Skye is a writer/producer of thrillers and dark dramas with her husband, Ruckus. In 2014, their screenplay Rattle the Cage won the Atlanta Screenplay Competition and was an Academy Nicholl Fellowship semifinalist.

Ruckus Skye
Ruckus Skye is a writer/producer of thrillers and dark dramas with his wife, Lane. In 2014, their screenplay Rattle the Cage won the Atlanta Screenplay Competition and was an Academy Nicholl Fellowship semifinalist.

Fr. Bryan Small
Father Bryan Small is a Catholic priest with his own take on pop culture and sci-fi.

Mary Kate Smith
Mary Kate is an aerospace engineer who competed on season two of TBS' King of the Nerds.

Melinda M. Snodgrass
Melinda M. Snodgrass is a novelist and screenwriter who writes occult thrillers and space opera and writes for andco-edits the Wild Card series with George R.R. Martin. She is also a grand prix dressage rider and studied opera in Vienna.

Eric P. Spana
Eric Spana is a biology faculty member at Duke University who uses common science fiction and fantasy culture to help students understand basic tenets of genetics, genomics, and developmental and molecular biology.

Ken Spivey
Ken Spivey is a songwriter, Doctor Who and Harry Potter expert, award-winning convention runner, and band leader of the Steampunk, Time Lord, and Wizard Rock Band The Ken Spivey Band.

Nancy Springer
Nancy Springer has passed the 50-book milestone, having written that many novels for adults, young adults, and children in genres including mythic fantasy, contemporary fiction, magical realism, horror, and mystery,

Jennifer St. Giles
USA Today and Amazon bestselling author Jennifer St. Giles (J.L. Saint, Jennifer Saints) now successfully indie publishes in the paranormal, suspense, and historical genres of romance.

Brian Stabile
Brian Stabile is co-owner and project lead for the indie game studio Astro Crow. He also teaches video game design at Full Sail University and has published works as an author, musician, podcast host, and Japanese translator.

Amie Stepanovich
Amie Stepanovich is an expert in domestic surveillance, cybersecurity, and privacy law. At Access, she leads projects on digital due process and responds to threats at the intersection of human rights and communications surveillance.

Helen Stringer
Helen Stringer is the award-winning author of the middle-grade fantasy novels Spellbinder and The Midnight Gate, as well as the scifi novel Paradigm. She is currently writing and directing the paranormal scifi series The Gloaming.

Stan Zubrin (Stryche) is the general manager for Artix Entertainment’s HeroMart.

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Douglas Wayne Talk
Douglas Talk is a consultant for SpaceWorks, Inc., managing a medical research team investigating human hibernation and designing the Torpor Inducing Transfer Habitat to Mars, a human hibernation-based space mission for NASA.

Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor is  a screenwriter, novelist, and pop culture journalist who's written Zombies: The Ultimate Visual History, The Future Was FAB: The Art of Mike Trim, and Arctic Adventure!, an official Thunderbirds novel.

George Taylor
George Taylor is the co-host of Communicore Weekly, a podcast covering all things related to theme parks. He has been writing about Disney parks since 2007 at,, and

Stephen F. Taylor
Stephen Taylor is the owner/operator of Lone Wolf Armory and has been making costumes for 12-plus years, focusing highly on armor and weapons.

Juliana Texley
Juliana Texley is president of the National Science Teachers Association, representing science teachers through presentations, authorship, and advocacy throughout the United States and in other nations.

Kirk Thatcher
Kirk Thatcher is an Emmy award winning writer/producer, a four time Webby award winning director, and a production designer with a penchant for special effects, strange creatures, and comedic characters with irreverent personalities. Kirk began his career at 18 years old, working at George Lucas's special effects facility, Industrial Light and Magic, creating and puppeteering creatures for films like Return of the Jedi, Star Trek II, Star Trek III, E.T., Poltergeist, and Gremlins.

Greg Theakston
Greg Theakston has been a professional illustrator for over forty years, including DC Comics, Marvel Comics, TV Guide, National Lampoon Magazine, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Mad, and Playboy. He also produced over 200 Pop Culture books for his company Pure Imagination.

Marisa Tontaveetong
Marisa (Ginger) Tontaveetong is an animator who is ASIFA-Atlanta's programming director, Atlanta Film Festival's Artist-in-Residence, and co-director of Starlight, recipient of the Atlanta Film Festival's Oscar-Eligible Animated Short Jury's Choice Award.

Phantom Troublemaker
Phantom Troublemaker is host of Monstrosity Championship Wrestling and Dragon Con game show Whose EFF Is It Anyway?, owner and operator of and the Needless Things Podcast, and co-host of the Doctor Who podcast Earth Station Who.

Shawna Trpcic
Shawna Trpcic is a Hollywood costume designer. Shawna has served as the main costume designer on Joss Whedon's Firefly, Angel, Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and Dollhouse, as well as Marti Noxon's Point Pleasant. She was also the main costume designer for Torchwood: Miracle Day.

Josh R Trujillo
Josh Trujillo is a comic book creator of Love Machines and Death Saves: Fallen Heroes of the Kitchen Table. In the past he has worked for Dark Horse, Archaia, and Northwest Press.

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Elizabeth Valentino
Elizabeth Valentino is author of two Steampunk romance novels, has three published short Steampunk stories in anthologies, and is writer and director for the Scary Dreadful, a quarterly publication with new Steampunk monsters and stories.

Nick Valentino
Nick Valentino is author of the Thomas Riley Steampunk adventure series, has five published short Steampunk stories in anthologies, and is chief writer and curator for the Scary Dreadful, a quarterly publication with new Steampunk monsters and stories.

Lilah Vandenburgh

Lilah Vandenburgh is writer/director of the multi-award winning short Bitch and recently co-wrote the award-winning BBC 3/Baby Cow sitcom Uncle. She has a pilot in development about gaming and a comedy pilot for Big Talk. 

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Jessica Wade
Jessica Wade is a senior editor of science fiction and fantasy for Ace and Roc Books, imprints of Penguin Random House. A few of the authors she works with are Faith Hunter, Robert Sawyer, Aliette de Bodard, Chloe Neill, Amber Benson, and Django Wexler.

Constance G. J. Wagner
Constance G.J. Wagner, writer, poet, and Tolkien scholar, has spoken on all things Middle-earth at both academic and fan-friendly events nationally and internationally since 2005. Her book The War Within: Frodo as Sacrificial Hero is forthcoming.

Jack H. Walsh
Jack Walsh is an Emmy-winning writer/director whose work includes the public television documentaries Cosplay: Crafting a Secret Identity, and Four Days at Dragon Con, as well as the live storytelling series Life Stories: True Tales from Carapace.

Brantly Jackson Watts
Brantly Jackson Watts curates the Homespun Documentary Film Series, is chair of the New Mavericks Program for female filmmakers, and serves as filmmaker in residence for the Atlanta Film Festival.

Chuck Wendig
Chuck Wendig is a novelist, screenwriter, and game designer. His novels include Blackbirds, The Blue Blazes, and the Heartland series. He is co-writer of the short film Pandemic, the feature film Vessel, and the Emmy-nominated digital narrative Collapsus.

Alex White
Alex White is a novelist and podcaster. His podcast, The Gearheart, is a three-time Parsec Finalist and cohost of Disasterpiece Theatre. His debut novel, Every Mountain Made Low, is forthcoming.

Christi J. Whitney
Christi J. Whitney is the author of the young adult adventure novel Grey (Book 1 in the Romany Outcasts series). She has also written for the theater, including critiques and scripts, and has directed numerous productions for the stage.

Fran Wilde
Fran Wilde's first novel is the high-flying fantasy Updraft. Her short stories appear in Asimov's, Nature, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and she writes the interview series Cooking the Books, about the intersection between food and fiction.

Thomas Willeford
Thomas Willeford is owner of Brute Force Studios and the author of Steampunk Gear, Gadgets, and Gizmos: A Maker's Guide to Creating Modern Artifacts and The Steampunk Adventurer’s Guide: Contraptions, Creations, and Curiosities Anyone Can Make.

King Williams
King Williams is a NYC/Atlanta-based filmmaker who's currently finishing up his debut film, The Atlanta Way. He's worked for filmmaker Spike Lee as well as on films by Martin Scorsese and Ben Stiller.

Shae Williams
Dr. Shae Williams is the chief engineer of Digital Solid State Propulsion, a spacecraft propulsion company, and has built motors that have been tested in orbit.

C. L. Wilson
C.L. Wilson loves to combine her two favorite genres, epic fantasy and romance. Her award-winning novels have appeared on a variety of bestseller lists, including USA Today, the New York Times, and Publisher's Weekly.

Gregory A. Wilson
Gregory A. Wilson is a published author of both speculative fiction and academic writing, professor of English at St. John's University in New York, podcaster, musician and Twitch TV channel host. 

Trisha J. Woldridge
Trisha J. Wooldridge writes grown-up stories and poems, including Epic Award–winning Bad-Ass Faeries contributions. As child-friendly T.J. Wooldridge, she’s authored 3 novels, The Kelpie, Silent Starstrong, and The Earl's Childe.

Damien Williams is an instructor and writer who examines the intersections of pop culture, weird science, and the practical applications of occult theory. He is programming chair for the Comics and Popular Arts Academic Conference at Dragon Con.

Matt Woomer
Matt Woomer is creative director of Blue Mammoth Games, makers of the popular platform fighter Brawlhalla His game credits include the MMOs City of Heroes, City of Villains, Global Agenda, and Dungeon Blitz.

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Bryan Young
Bryan Young is a writer and journalist who literally wrote the book on Dragon Con with Lost at the Con and writes for Star Wars Insider,, and Big Shiny Robot!

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Jean-Paul Gagnon, popularly known to millions of game players as Zazul, is the Customer Support Manager and Purgatorio Ringmaster of Doom and Destiny for Artix Entertainment, LLC.

Miss Mecha Zero
Miss Mecha Zero (Jessie) is a video game developer and writer who has written for Phoenix Labs in Vancouver and was a production coordinator on League of Legends.

Mark Zoran
Mark Zoran is the creative mind behind the award-winning custom prop and costume house Razorfly Studios.

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