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Mary Abreu
Author Mary Abreu left an award-winning journalism career to pursue her passion for sewing and costuming. She spends her days writing books about sewing, teaching other people to sew, designing projects other people can sew, and even sewing for a local filmmaker.

Tracy A. Akers
Tracy A. Akers is the author of The Souls of Aredyrah, a multi-award winning fantasy series. Named "a talent to celebrate" by author William F. Nolan (Logan’s Run), Ms. Akers has received numerous recognitions for YA literature. Her books have been on Florida Department of Education recommended reading lists.

Stephen L. Antczak
Stephen L Antczak is a writer, editor, producer, and comic book publisher. After co-editing the anthologies Zombiesque or DAW Books and Clockwork Fairy Tales for ROC Books, Antczak set his sights on directing. He directs his first short film in 2014.

Neon Armour
Stephanie Anderson is an Award Winning Body Painter and FX Artist. Work includes the Michael Bay Film, Welcome to Yesterday, Maxim, Patriot Pictures Film Halloween House, The Demon's Rook, The Originals, Welcome to the Bubs. She organizes Body Art events with comic greats David Mack, Bill Sienkiewicz, and James O'Barr.

Adam Bohn (Artix), is the Founder/CEO of Artix Entertainment, which makes weekly updated web games including the popular AdventureQuest Worlds, AdventureQuest, DragonFable, MechQuest, EpicDuel, and their first mobile game, Battle Gems.

Lady Attercop
Lady Attercop co-hosts the weekly steampunk podcast, The Clockwork Cabaret. She is also the creative force behind the webcomic, Strange Fiction.

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Christina Barber
Christina Barber is an award-winning author and paranormal researcher. Christina began researching the paranormal in 2003. Her passion for the phenomena has grown. Christina’s published books include Spirits of Georgia’s Southern Crescent and Georgia’s Ghosts (Coming 2014). Christina’s fiction works, also about ghosts include Seely’s Pond and Greystone.

Leigh Bardugo
Leigh Bardugo is the author of Shadow and Bone and Siege and Storm, both of which were New York Times bestsellers on the young adult list. Her third book, Ruin & Rising, comes out in June 2014. She lives in Los Angeles.

Roger Bellini
Roger Bellini owns and runs Neverland Books, an independent publisher of fantasy anthologies. He’s also the marketing manager at Ragnarok Publications, an independent publisher focusing on dark fantasy and speculative fiction. When he’s not buried in a book, you can find him con-organizing Mysticon or theater managing.

Jason V Brock
Jason V Brock is an award-winning writer, editor, filmmaker, composer, and artist, and has been widely-published online, in comics, magazines, and anthologies. As a filmmaker, his work includes critically-acclaimed documentaries about genre figures. He and his wife, Sunni, also run Cycatrix Press. More: @JASUNNI_JASONVB, and HTTP://WWW.JASUNNI.COM.

Darwin Bromley
Darwin Bromley is a game designer best known for Empire Builder. Darwin co-founded Mayfair Games in 1981 and was the its President from 1982 to 1997. Darwin led Mayfair as it published its train games, card games, and RPGs (RoleAids, DC Heroes). Darwin started Mayfair re-publishing games from Europe, including Settlers of Catan.

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Chance Chancellor
Chance Chancellor has been leather artisan for 10 and a leather instructor for 8 years. Since starting his career in Atlanta, GA. he's taught well over 18 hundred hours of leather classes. His areas of expertise encompass everything from the design and construction of leather accessories through professional consultation and custom costume design.

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Emmett Davenport
Miss Emmett Davenport co-hosts the weekly steampunk podcast, The Clockwork Cabaret. She has been hosting the show since it's inception in 2007. She is also a veteran DJ with over 16 years of experience.

Ben Davis
Dr. Ben Davis holds a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics and an M.S. in Nuclear Astrophysics from the University of Notre Dame. He's a former college professor of mathematics, programming, astronomy and physics. He has a successful career in software and engineering. His interests include history, futurism and skepticism.

Milton J Davis
Milton Davis is a Science Fiction and Fantasy author and owner of MVmedia, LLC, a publisher specializing in speculative fiction by and about people of color.

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» Michael Gilkey
Michael Gilkey is the Marketing and Operations Manager for the National Center for Regenerative Medicine. He is responsible for the development and execution of organizational strategy, external and internal marketing efforts, coordination of graduate, undergraduate, and high school education programs and provides administrative, financial and operational oversight.

» Alan Gratz
Alan Gratz is the author of a number of books for young readers, including Samurai Shortstop, The Brooklyn Nine, Prisoner B-3087, Starfleet Academy: The Assassination Game, and The League of Seven trilogy from Tor/Starscape. Visit him online at

Daniel Griffith
Daniel Griffith is an independent documentary filmmaker specializing in cult cinema. Since 2008, when he founded Ballyhoo Motion Pictures, Griffith has produced and directed over 45 bonus feature documentaries and shorts. He recently directed the feature-length documentary on the history of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Nicole Gugliucci
Astronomer, writer, educator, skeptic, maker-of-tiny-comets, and all around geek Dr. Nicole Gugliucci has made it her mission to study and share the Universe. Known as the “NoisyAstronomer,” she earned a doctorate studying radio astronomy and now leads the informal education efforts of the citizen science project CosmoQuest.

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David Harmer
David Harmer is a Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Recovery Consultant since 1993. He has advised Major corporations and government agencies on their Disaster Planning. David is the author of Disaster Survival Guide, Alley Rabbit, Survival Weapons and Techniques, and various supplements for the Aftermath! Post Apocalypse RPG system, among others.

John G. Hartness
John G. Hartness is the best-selling author of The Black Knight Chronicles urban fantasy series and the creator of the Bubba the Monster Hunter series of short stories. He is the creator and co-editor of The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil.

Leanna Renee Hieber
Leanna is an actress, playwright and award-winning, nationally bestselling author of Gothic Victorian Fantasy novels such as the Strangely Beautiful, Magic Most Foul, and Eterna Files sagas for Tor/Forge. She works in film, television, and musical theatre (Member AEA, SAG-AFTRA).

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» Stuart Jaffe
Stuart Jaffe is the author of the Max Porter Paranormal-Mysteries, The Malja Chronicles, a post-apocalyptic fantasy series, and the Gillian Boone series. Numerous short stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies. He also co-hosts one of the oldest genre podcasts: The Eclectic Review podcast (now in its 8th year).

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Candy Keane
Candy Keane started Three Muses Inspired Clothing in 2005 as a way of turning her passion for costuming into a career. Since then her costumes have been featured in movies, TV, magazines, books and online. She is most well known as the cover girl for the documentary Jedi Junkies.

Roy Kilgard
Dr. Kilgard is an astrophysicist who researches black holes in nearby galaxies with an emphasis on intermediate-mass black holes: an enigmatic class of objects whose origins are unclear. When not studying the heavens, he lectures on astronomy in science fiction and pop culture.

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David Anthony Lee
David Lee is an award winning costume and prop maker. He’s created costuming and props for television (Villains pilot), fan films (Trial of the Mask), and corporate clients. His specialty is Steampunk vehicles; namely his tank, Dalek and TIE Fighter. He is the author of Country in Ruin:1865.

Rob Levy
Rob Levy is the writer of Dr. Wholigan blog, podcaster/writer for, and contributing podcaster for Earth Station Who. He is also the writer for Eleven Magazine and film writer for Staying busy, you can also find him as host of Juxtaposition on KDHX radio and as a pop culture writer for several pop culture publications.

J. F. Lewis
J. F. Lewis is the author of the Grudgebearer Trilogy and The Void City series. Jeremy is an internationally published author and thinks it's pretty cool that his books have been translated into other languages. He doesn't eat people, but some of his characters do.

Kelly Lockhart
Kelly Lockhart is the founder of Robot Battles, consulting editor & anthologist with Baen Books, screenwriter, and television and radio personality.

Courtney Lytle
Courtney Lytle is a practicing attorney and Adjunct Professor of Law at Emory University School of Law. She is the author of the recently published law text book Skills and Values: Intellectual Property as well as several academic articles. Ms. Lytle represents various artists, authors and entrepreneurs.

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Erin Patricia Macdonald
Dr Erin Macdonald is a postdoctoral researcher at Cardiff University who focuses on gravitational wave detection as part of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration. She also is involved in science outreach and events and loves surprising children by being a young, heavily tattooed scientist.

Anya Martin
Anya Martin delves into the darker side of fiction, comics and journalism. Recent works include the critically-acclaimed "Stuffed Bunny in Doll-Land" (Womanthology: Heroic; with Mado Pena), "The Prince of Lyghes" (Dark Phantastique), "The Toe" (Feet), "The Courage of the Lion Tamer" (Daybreak) and "Still Life with Peckerwood" (Cities of Night).

Michael J. Martinez
Michael J. Martinez is the author of the science-fiction/historical fantasy genre-benders The Daedalus Incident and The Enceladus Crisis. He puts sailings ships in space and is a coffee addict, beer snob, and genial fellow.

Bob Mayer
Bob Mayer is a New York Times Bestselling, West Point graduate, former Green Beret, and author of more than 55 books including 3 #1 science fiction bestsellers on Kindle.

» Georgia McBride
Georgia McBride is a publisher, novelist, screenwriter and producer. Her debut fantasy novel Praefatio was published in 2013. Georgia is publisher and executive editor at Month9Books, Tantrum Books, and Swoon Romance.

Sharon Morgan
Sharon Morgan is the owner of Altered Tyme Corsets and a corset maker with Romantasy Exquisite Corsetry ( She is one of the foremost experts on modern corsetry and is currently the Costume Studio Supervisor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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Bobby Nash
2013 Pulp Ark Award Winning Best Author, Bobby Nash writes a little bit of everything including novels, comic books, short prose, graphic novels, screenplays, media tie-ins, and more. He is also an actor, podcaster, and conventioneer. Learn more about Bobby at

Corvis Nocturnum
Corvis Nocturnum is author of over a dozen books, consultant for A&E’s Paranormal State and guest panelist at Dragon Con and Parafest in Bethlehem, PA in alongside paranormal and vampire authors such as Michelle Belanger and Rosemary Ellen Guiley. He is the executive producer for Eerie America Travel Guide of the Macabre.

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» Stephanie Osborn
Veteran of 2+ decades in the civilian and military space programs, Stephanie worked on Shuttle flights and ISS. She holds degrees in astronomy, physics, chemistry, and mathematics, and is "fluent" in several more. She has more than 20 books in print, including the critically-acclaimed Displaced Detective series.

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Thomas Pope
Thomas Pope is the founder of BuNine, a collection of professionals assisting David Weber in defining and documenting the Honorverse. Tom served as lead editor for House of Steel and is collaborating with David and Timothy Zahn on a new series set in the early days of the Manticoran Navy.

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Romily is an MMO gamer, software analyst, machinima director/producer, and voice actor. She has been presenting machinima at Dragon Con annually since 2006.

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Aaron J. Sagers
Aaron Sagers is a TV personality, author and entertainment pundit, as well as a professional nerd and moderator, who speaks on zombies, geek culture and paranormal entertainment for CNN, MTV, Huffington Post and on his Travel Channel show Paranormal Paparazzi, where he serves as Host/Co-Executive Producer.

» Michael Sellers
Mike Sellers has been designing award-winning MMOs, online, and mobile games for over twenty years, from the first 3D MMO, Meridian 59, to recent mid-core games. He has also developed groundbreaking social artificial intelligence with grants from DARPA, and has published original research on emotions for artificially intelligent agents. He recently accepted a position with Indiana University as a Professor in their new Games program.

» David Shiffman
David Shiffman is a Ph.D. student at the University of Miami studying shark biology and conservation.

Janine K. Spendlove
Janine K. Spendlove is a KC-130 pilot in the USMC. In Sci-Fi/Fantasy she is known for her best-selling trilogy, War of the Seasons. She is a co-founder of GeekGirlsRun, a community for geek girls (and guys) who like to run and have fun. Find out more at

Ken Spivey
Ken Spivey is a musician, songwriter, professional MC, convention organizer, and Doctor Who aficionado. Ken runs the largest Doctor Who convention in Florida, Time Lord Fest, and plays in the world famous, praised, Victorian Steampunk Time Lord Rock band, "The Ken Spivey Band."

Stormy "of the Bad Kitties"
Stormy "of the Bad Kitties" is one of the founding members of the kitties, a group of models and designers. She is an aerospace engineer and owner of her own sound/vocal company.

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Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor is an expert on retro-futurism and the author of Arctic Adventure!, an official Thunderbirds™ novel.

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Thomas Raymond Webber
Thomas Webber is a physicist by training and a Trekkie by choice! Beginning his career in academia he has since turned to informal education in the role of planetarium director in Jacksonville, Florida. He is also a science writer and is involved in the new fan-based series Exeter Trek.

June K Williams
June Williams is the vice president of Buzzy Multimedia. Buzzy is a Sci-Fi & Fantasy publishing company and produces audiobooks as well as the online magazine

Joshua Wilson
Joshua Wilson is an editor for Mad Norwegian Press, publisher of Doctor Who and other genre reference books such as About Time, Whedonistas!, and Chicks Dig Time Lords. He also hosts The Oncoming Storm podcast.

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» Bryan Young
Bryan Young is a filmmaker, writer, and journalist. He's the author of novels like Lost at the Con. He writes for the official Star Wars website and Star Wars Insider. He's a contributor to The Huffington Post and the editor-in-chief of Big Shiny Robot.

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Mark Zoran
Mark Zoran is the creative talent behind Razorfly Studios, a prop studio that has most recently been working with Wayside Creations, the team that brought you NUKA-Break. Mark started his career like when people began requesting his services after seeing his work up close and personal at Dragon Con.

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