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Mary Abreu
Author/seamstress Mary Abreu left an award-winning journalism career to stitch up a new career. She has worked in the wardrobe department of a boutique film studio. Her second sewing book will be published in the fall of 2015.

Tracy A. Akers
Tracy A. Akers is the multi-award winning author of The Souls of Aredyrah fantasy series. In addition to being named "a talent to celebrate" by author William F. Nolan (Logan's Run), Ms. Akers was recognized by the governor for her contribution to YA literature during the 2008 Florida Heritage Awards.

» Lou Anders
Lou Anders is the author of the Thrones and Bones series, a fantasy adventure that begins with the novel Frostborn, published by Random House's Crown Books for Young Readers. He is a Hugo award winning editor and Chesley Award winning art director. Visit him online at

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Kevin Bachelder
Kevin has been podcasting about genre TV and movies since 2005. His podcasts have won four Parsec Awards in the Best Fan Podcast category. Along with speaking on multiple panels at Dragon Con yearly since 2006 he also leads the Dragon Con Newbies group which puts on events to help new attendees.

Davey Beauchamp
Davey Beauchamp created Writers for Relief anthology series and the award nominated Amazing Pulp Adventures Radio Show. It was turned into a RPG: Scaldcrow Games and card game: Foxhammer Press. He hosts of "Gallifrey Pirate Radio," a podcast dedicated to Doctor Who and just wrote an essay for You and Who.

Jenna Black
Jenna Black is the author of the Morgan Kingsley series, the Faeriewalker series, and the Guardians of the Night series, among others. She is a full-time author of fantasy, romance, and young adult fiction. She currently writes for Tor Teen and Pocket Books as well as doing some indie publishing.

David A Byers
David Byers is a paranormal educator that infuses the paranormal with genealogy research and lectures in the southeast on how to incorporate the two. He has been featured in the Day Trip documentary shown on EATV 7 and filmed the requested pilot for American Ghost Towns for PBS.

Richard Lee Byers
Richard Lee Byers is the author of over forty fantasy and horror novels including Blind God's Bluff, The Reaver, and Called to Darkness. He created the post-apocalyptic superhero series The Impostor, and his short fiction can be found in numerous magazines and anthologies.

Shannon Faye Byers
Shannon Byers, The Paranormal Genealogist, is a paranormal educator that infuses the paranormal with genealogy research and lectures in the southeast on how to incorporate the two. She has been featured in the Day Trip documentary shown on EATV 7 and filmed the requested pilot for American Ghost Towns for PBS.

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James L. Cambias
James L. Cambias is a science fiction writer and game designer. He wrote the novels Corsair and A Darkling Sea, both from Tor. He co-founded Zygote Games, and wrote several GURPS and HERO system books.

L. Andrew Cooper
L. Andrew Cooper is a horror writer and film scholar. His work includes novels Burning the Middle Ground and Descending Lines and short story collection Leaping at Thorns. His non-fiction work includes Gothic Realities and Dario Argento. He directs the Film and Digital Media Studies program at the University of Louisville.

» Lindsay Cummings
Lindsay Cummings is the author of YA and MG Sci fi and Fantasy books at HarperCollins.  She is the author of The Murder Complex duology and Balance Keepers trilogy, both at HarperCollins.

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J. C. Daniels
Writing as J.C. Daniels, Shiloh Walker released Blade Song in 2011. Her first urban fantasy, the award-winning title was an iBooks Book of the Week. Author of over 80 titles, Shiloh/J.C. is well-acquainted with the term hybrid, using digital-first, traditional and self-publishing platforms.

Milton J Davis
Milton Davis is a writer/publisher of Black Speculative Fiction focusing on Sword and Soul and Steamfunk.

Barbara A. Drescher
Barbara's a former researcher/lecturer in cognitive psychology and statistical methods, developed material for teaching statistics, research methods, skepticism, and critical thinking for K-12 and college classrooms. Barbara promotes science and skepticism at, and contributes to Insight at, Virtual Skeptics, and The Odds Must Be Crazy.

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Richard Estep
Paramedic and paranormal investigator Richard Estep is the author of In Search of the Paranormal, published by Llewellyn Worldwide in September 2015, and has been a ghost hunter for nearly twenty years.

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Larry Flaxman
Best selling author and paranormal investigator Larry Flaxman writes ground-breaking books on cutting-edge research that leave readers, researchers, and reviewers open-mouthed in disbelief of the truth as it’s presented to them.

John L. Flynn
Dr. John L. Flynn is an author, screenwriter, and three-time Hugo nominee. He has written 14 books, 2 screenplays, many shorter works. His recent novel, Intimate Bondage, was a complete sell-out at the Romance Writers Convention, and as an erotic thriller with sci-fi elements, forms the basis of a future film.

Peter H. Friedman
Peter H Friedman is the managing director of Peter Friedman CPA with offices in San Francisco and New York. The company specializes in e-commerce, tax litigation support, US and international tax compliance and Business Consulting. Their motto is "we do what others can't or will not do."

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Paige Gardner
Paige Gardner is an award-winning costume designer whose eccentric masks, bizarre props and original costumes make her art recognizable world-wide. Gardner’s high-profile work is regularly featured in multiple media channels and bestselling books on Steampunk and cosplay. Her costume art projects have been exhibited across the U.S.

Ronald Thomas Garner
Ronald T. Garner is the CEO of Silence in the Library Publishing and a Major in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. He has short fiction published in various anthologies, and in his spare time builds things of questionable utility. Ron lives in North Carolina with his wife and daughter.

Jaym Gates
Jaym Gates is an editor, author, and the Communications Director for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Rachel Gitlevich
Rachel Gitlevich is an animator and puppet builder currently at Titmouse New York, where she’s worked on shows like Superjail, Dreamworks Turbo, Hot Wheels, and China IL. She has also animated for the stop motion web series Doctor Puppet, and made puppets for Maxwell Atoms' new show, Dead Meat.

Stacey Gordon
Stacey Gordon is an improviser and puppeteer in Phoenix, Arizona, where she's been building puppets, teaching, and performing in Puppet Slams since 2001. She puppeteers on The Bob & Angus Show, a web-series for Mayfair Games. Her puppets have been featured in music videos, commercials, and on ABC's The View.

Daniel Griffith
Daniel Griffith is a documentary filmmaker specializing in cult cinema and retro-television. He has produced and directed features about Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Twilight Zone, Empire Pictures, Ed Wood, and several Hammer horror classics. He is also the owner of Ballyhoo Motion Pictures.

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David Harmer
David S. Harmer is a Disaster Preparedness Consultant, and author of the Survival Weapons and Techniques, Aftermath! Cybele, Disaster Survivor's Guide, Aftermath! Survival Guide, Aftermath! Magic!, Aftermath! Technology!, and other works.

John G. Hartness
John G. Hartness is the author of The Black Knight Chronicles and the Bubba the Monster Hunter short stories. He is also the host of the Literate Liquors podcast.

Kenneth Mark Hoover
Kenneth Mark Hoover has sold over 60 short stories. His fiction has appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Strange Horizons. He is a member of SFWA, HWA, and WWA. His novel, Haxan, was published by CZP/HarperCollins. You can find out more from his website:

Walter H. Hunt
Walter H. Hunt is a science fiction and historical fiction author with six published novels and a seventh expected in summer 2015. He is the librarian for the Massachusetts Masonic Grand Lodge and lives in that state with his wife and daughter.

Tom Hutchens
Tom Huthchens is founder/CEO of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. He specializes in the creation of hyper-realistic Star Wars costumes/props, has helped collaborate on various Star Wars books, and is a regular contributor at

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Chris A Jackson
Chris A. Jackson’s releases include Pirate's Promise, from Paizo Publishing, Flesh and Bone, a short story in the Privateer Press Skull Island Adventures, Sweating Bullets, a Shadowrun short story in the latest Catylist Game Labs anthology, and Weapon of Fear, book one of the Weapon of Fear Trilogy.

Stuart Jaffe
Stuart Jaffe is the author of The Max Porter Paranormal-Mysteries, The Malja Chronicles, the Gillian Boone novels, The Bluesman comic book and short story series, and much more. He is also the co-host of The Eclectic Review - a weekly podcast about science, art, and well, everything.

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Nadia Kayyali
Nadia Kayyali is a member of EFF’s activism team. Nadia's work focuses on surveillance, national security policy, and the intersection of criminal justice, racial justice, and digital civil liberties issues. Nadia earned a B.A. from UC Berkeley and a J.D. from UC Hastings.

Andrea Mast Kessel
Andrea Mast Kessel is an Atlanta based Media & Special Effects Makeup Artist and Educator. Her work includes traditional and special effects/fantasy makeup in theatre, stage, television, film, fashion, editorial, commercial and runway. Some of her credits include NBC TV, Fox TV, The Bet Hip Hop Awards and more.

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David Ladyman
David has edited, developed, and created games and game books for four decades, including SJG, FASA, TSR, Origin, Bullfrog, EverQuest, Star Wars Galaxies, and other MMOs. Currently, he’s publishing Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen magazine, Jump Point, and new ship brochures, managing their freelance authors, and contributing to design.

Rob Levy
Rob Levy is the writer of Dr. Wholigan blog, podcaster/writer for, and occasional contributing guest podcaster for "Earth Station Who." He is also a music, film, and pop culture writer for Eleven Magazine and and host of Juxtaposition on KDHX radio for 20 years.

J. F. Lewis
J. F. Lewis is the internationally published author of the Void City series and The Grudgebearer Trilogy. One got him excommunicated; the other did not.

Courtney Lytle
Courtney Lytle is a practicing intellectual property and corporate attorney and an Adjunct Professor at Emory University School of Law. She is the author of a recent law school text book on Intellectual Property and several academic articles. Ms. Lytle represents artists and authors as well as start-up companies.

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David Maass
Dave Maass is an investigative researcher and activist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, where he uses transparency to counterbalance the surveillance state. He is also a journalist who has written for alt weeklies across the Southwest, including the "No Life Offline" column for San Diego CityBeat.

Michael J. Martinez
Michael J. Martinez is the author of the historical-fantasy/space-opera Daedalus trilogy: The Daedalus Incident (2013), The Enceladus Crisis (2014), and The Venusian Gambit (2015). He likes good coffee, fine beer, and kind people.

Jon McCoy
Jon McCoy is a Documentary Filmmaker, accomplished Paranormal Investigator and Case Manager of The Canadian Paranormal Society; radio personality and host of Paranormal Swamp Talk on Z Talk Radio; Jon also has been published in The Spectral Times, a paranormal magazine out of Great Britain; currently a film school student.

Sharon Morgan
Sharon Morgan is the owner of Altered Tyme Corsets and a corset maker with Romantasy Exquisite Corsetry ( She is one of the foremost experts on modern corsetry and is currently the Costume Studio Supervisor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Jef Murray
Jef Murray ( is an internationally known artist, author, and illustrator best known for his Tolkien and Narnia illustrations and for his fantasy/sci-fi fictional series, The Framerunners (

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Bobby Nash
Bobby Nash is an award-winning author of novels, comic books, short prose, graphic novel, and screenplays. Visit him at

Corvis Nocturnum
Eric Vernor is an author, publisher and lecturer who has written books on popular culture. The content ranges from vampires and zombies to the Devil. He has been a consultant for A&E Channel's Paranormal State. He has appeared as a guest speaker at Dragon Con, Scarefest and others.

» Laura Liddell Nolen
Laura Liddell Nolen grew up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where she spent most of her time playing make-believe with her two younger brothers. She lives in Texas with her husband and children and on Twitter @Laurallnolen. The Ark is her first novel.

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James Palmer
James Palmer is an award-nominated author and editor of science fiction, New Pulp, and space opera.  He is best known as the co-creator of the award-nominated alternate history giant monster anthology series Monster Earth.

Sean M Patton
Sean Michael Patton is a 20+ year veteran and principal for SMP Designs. He has designed more than 40 stage productions, 8 short films, 5 features and specializes in pieces for film, television and media for clients including: AutoTrader, Cartoon Network, Delta Air Lines, Georgia Power, Turner Studios, and Verizon Wireless.

» Cindy Pon
Cindy Pon is the author of Chinese inspired fantasies Silver Phoenix, Fury of the Phoenix, and Serpentine. She is the co-founder of Diversity in YA with Malinda Lo and an advisor on the We Need Diverse Books board. Cindy is also a Chinese brush painting student of over a decade.

Shawn Porter
Shawn appears on the new season of Ghost Hunters and is a leading tech investigator in the paranormal field. Shawn is the owner of GhostStop, the go-to workshop for ghost hunting gear.

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T. S. Rider
T. S. Rider has had two short stories published. An Artist and Writer, T. S. Rider has been working on making quality hand made wands from naturally sourced materials and her longer fiction.

Gray Rinehart
Gray Rinehart writes stories and songs. His stories have appeared in major magazines and anthologies, and his songs have appeared on The Dr. Demento Show. He is the "Slushmaster General" for Baen Books, and a USAF veteran whose career included space operations, disaster response, and other interesting things.

Romily is an MMO gamer, software analyst, machinima director/producer, and voice actor. She has been presenting machinima at Dragon Con annually since 2006.

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Bethany is a neuroscientist and an award-winning science writer at Science News. She's written for Slate, The Guardian, and Scientific American; appeared on radio shows like Science for the People; and her Twitter feed, @scicurious, has more than 34,000 followers. Her PhD is from Wake Forest University.

» Catherine M Scully
Catherine Scully is the Young Adult Editor for the Horror Writers Association and runs the blog Scary Out There with Jonathan Maberry as seen on CNN. She's a published illustrator with Simon and Schuster and REUTS publications as a well as an agented MG/YA author with Donadio and Olson.

Tamsin L. Silver
Tamsin L. Silver is the creator/writer of the YA Urban Fantasy Series, Windfire, and the Horror Web Series, Skye of the Damned. A Winthrop University graduate with a BA in Theatre/Secondary Education, and minor in Creative Writing/Shakespeare, she now lives in New York City.

Melinda M. Snodgrass
Melinda M. Snodgrass is a novelist & screenwriter. She worked on Star Trek: TNG & many other shows. She writes occult thrillers, space opera and writes for & co-edits the Wild Card series with George R.R. Martin. She is also a grand prix dressage rider and studied opera in Vienna.

Eric P Spana
Eric Spana is a Biology faculty member at Duke University who uses common science fiction and fantasy culture to help students understand basic tenets of genetics, genomics, and developmental and molecular biology.

Ken Spivey
Ken Spivey is a songwriter, Doctor Who and Harry Potter expert, award winning convention runner, and band leader of the and Creative Loafing praised Steam Punk Time Lord and Wizard Rock Band, "The Ken Spivey Band."

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Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor is the author of Zombies: The Ultimate Visual History from Insight Editions. He's also a screenwriter, novelist, and pop culture journalist who's written Arctic Adventure! an official Thunderbirds™ novel, and The Future Was FAB: The Art of Mike Trim.

Stephen F Taylor
Stephen Taylor is the father of 12+ children by birth, adoption, and foster care. He is the owner/operator of Lone Wolf Armory and has been making costumes for 12 plus years focusing highly on armor and weapons.

Phantom Troublemaker
Phantom Troublemaker is the host of Monstrosity Championship Wrestling and of the hit Dragon Con game show Whose EFF Is It Anyway, the owner and operator of and the Needless Things Podcast, and co-host of the ESO Network's Doctor Who podcast, Earth Station Who.

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» Christi J. Whitney
Christi J. Whitney is the author of the young adult adventure novel Grey (Book 1 in the Romany Outcasts series) with HarperCollins/HarperVoyagerUK. She has also written for the theatre, including critiques and scripts, and she has directed numerous productions for the stage.

C. L. Wilson
C.L. Wilson loves to combine her two favorite genres: epic fantasy and romance. Thankfully, a number of readers share that same love, thus keeping her employed. Her award-winning novels have appeared on a variety of best-seller lists, including the USA Today, the New York Times, and Publisher's Weekly.

Gregory A Wilson
Gregory A. Wilson is a published author of both speculative fiction and academic writing, Professor of English at St. John's University in New York City, podcaster, musician and Twitch TV channel host. He lives in Riverdale, NY with his family.

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Bryan Young
Bryan Young is a writer and journalist. He literally wrote the book on Dragon Con with Lost at the Con and writes for Star Wars Insider,, and Big Shiny Robot! among others.

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