Choose Your Own Adventure

Created by fans for fans, these tracks are perhaps some of what Dragon Con is best known for. What will your journey be?

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Alternate & Historical Fiction icon

Alternate & Historical Fiction

From travel and time, to spies and pirates, to all things past and neverwas

American Sci-Fi & fantasy Media icon

American Sci-fi & Fantasy Media

All your current, modern day favorites, in one convenient track

American Sci-Fi Classics icon

American Sci-fi Classics

Venture into the archives of nostalgia-inducing movie and TV awesomeness

Animation icon


Cartoons aren’t just for Saturday morning (but we won’t turn down cereal)

Anime track icon


The world of anime and manga, and all the madness that comes with it

Apocalypse Rising track icon

Apocalypse Rising

Answering questions on the what, why, and when of the end of the world



Celebrating our love for the pop culture of the United Kingdom

Costuming track icon


Jam-packed with DIY for the costumer (or aspiring costumer) in everyone

Digital Media track icon

Digital Media

Combining the best of digital media, from podcasting to YouTube and beyond

Diversity in Speculative Fiction & Literature Fandom Track icon

Diversity in Speculative Fiction & Literature Fandom

Realizing the dream of diverse science fiction and fantasy.

Electronic Frontiers Forums track icon

Electronic Frontiers Forums

Concerned about threats to your digital freedoms? We are too!

Fantasy Literature track icon

Fantasy Literature

Nothing transports us to other worlds like a beautifully woven story

Filk Singing track icon

Filk Singing

Filk is the music of fandom, by fans for fans. Come sing with us!

Film track icon

Film Track

The place for filmmakers and film-lovers. If it’s film, we’ll have it.

High Fantasy track icon

High Fantasy

The words of Tolkien to the characters of G.R.R.M., and everything between

Horror track icon

Horror Track

Not only examining what goes bump in the night, but reveling in it

Kid's Track icon

Kids Track

Family friendly programming with a focus on kids from 7-12 years old

Military Sci Fi Media track icon

Military Sci-fi Media

Focusing on the sci-fi themed adventures with a military element or setting

Puppetry track icon


The magic of your felted favorites and puppetry in pop culture

Robotics & Makertrack icon

Robotics and Maker Fan Track

Hands-on projects and information about when tech meets imagination

Science track icon


Interested in the nitty-gritty details of the latest science has to offer?

Science Fiction Literature track icon

Science Fiction Literature

Explore the nuts and bolts of your favorite written sci-fi worlds

Silk Road track icon

Silk Road: Asian Cinema & Culture

Historical and modern cultural aspects from the Mediterranean to Japan

Skeptics track icon


Critical thought, extraordinary claims, and promotion of good science

Space track icon


A huge universe of possibilities we’ve only just begun to explore

Star Wars track icon

Star Wars Track

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…Star Wars changed the world

Trek track icon

Trek Track

If you don’t know what Star Trek is, you’ve been in a cave since 1966

Urban Fantasy track icon

Urban Fantasy

Supernatural beings and humans living side-by-side in…perfect harmony?

Video Gaming track icon

Video Gaming

Grab your controller, joystick, or racing wheel, it’s time to play!

Writer track icon

Writers’ Track

Writing is a craft and an art form. Come learn from the masters!

X Track track icon


Studying the paranormal, with just a pinch of government conspiracy

Young Adult track icon

Young Adult Literature

Because navigating the the challenges of youth makes a great page-turner